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Iran Nuclear Program.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

The latest on Iran’s refusal to stop its legal uranium enrichment under NPT has gone into background after Kim Jong Il Nuclear test. This Iran uranium enrichment is very much alive with the EU and US Bush regime who will go to UN Security Council once they pass the resolution against North Korea for sanctions. EU negotiations ended because Iran refused to give up its legal right of uranium enrichment even for one day.

The words war continue US claiming that North Korean sanctions will sway Iran away from its Nuclear program and Iran threatening to limit the UN sanctions if a resoltuions passes against their peaceful Nuclear program. Bush regime assessment of Iran is wrong like all the other assessments they have made in last six years. Iran will continue its Nuclear program which they claim is for peaceful energy purposes beause it has become the National pride issue for Iranians. The sanctions will not hurt Iran much because of Oil and its good relations with China and Russia who will make sure not to pass any tough sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian government should take more bold step and throw IAEA inspector out of their country because most of them are CIA spies who are the biggest security risk for nuclear facilities and sites. They provide the sensitive information to CIA including site maps, the architectual designs and every minor details. I believe Iran will not ready to take this bold step so the safest way to go for their Nuclear development by carefully scrutinizing all IAEA inspectors.


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