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Bush – Will he cut and run from Iraq?

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

There are two committees looking into Iraq solution and they have both reached the conclusion that US must set timetable for withdrawal. They must have spead millions on these two committees should they asked me would have cost mush less and they would have saved couple hundred billions dollars on logisitcs. The following is the report from Israel news website.

US: 2 committees look for way out of Iraq.

I believe Bush will not listen to these two committees recommondations because of his stupidity and pride. This will completely destory his tough relligious guy image who acted on God commands and can’t be wrong. The second problem will be that this will be a clear humiliating defeat for superpower US by people fighting them with their home made weapons and outdated rifles. The third Al Qaeda will claim this their clearn victory.

My own opinion that they should have not invaded Iraq and US and its Allies can only delay their withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq but they have to take this step.


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