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Israel committed war crimes.

Posted by QB on October 14, 2006

The Canadian Liberal party will vote for its new leader in December and one of the frong runner has accused Israel committed war crimes during Lebanon invasion. Michael Ignatieff said at the weekend that Israel committed a war crime when it bombarded the Lebanese village of Qana in July. The Bush like conservative Prime Minister was quick to jump on his statement by calling Liberal Party anti Israel.

Michael Ignatieff said on Friday that it would be up to international bodies to determine whether Israel had committed war crimes at Qana, although he also said he thought both sides in the conflict were guilty of crimes against civilians.

“I do believe that in this explosive conflict, war crimes were visited on Israeli citizens and were visited on Lebanese civilians,” he said.

Ignatieff, who stressed his friendship for Israel and said he would travel there soon, said it was disgraceful for Harper to suggest the Liberals were anti-Israeli.

“There is no basis whatever for Mr. Harper to suggest that the Liberal Party is biased against Israel.”

According to another report Israel used thousands of cluster bombs in Southern Lebanon before cease fire which are still taking the lives of Lebanese civilians and childrens when these bombs explode. These cluster bombs, which upon detonation let off well over a million “bomblets” that spread like buckshot over wide areas, now litter the region and kill or maim on average three people a day. Labanese government reported that these cluster bombs has severely wounded 109 people killing 18 since cease fire.

Michael Slackman, in a report he filed from Beirut for The New York Times last Friday, writes of these bomblets: “They are stuck in the branches of olive trees and the broad leaves of banana trees. They are on rooftops, mixed in with rubble and littered across fields, farms, driveways, roads and outside schools.”

Clearly by dropping these bombs, Israel is not only in violation of international law, but may very well be guilty of a war crime. That it dropped them at a time when the United Nations Security Council was a day or two short of negotiating a resolution to end the war is morally repugnant. Of the million or so bomblets that litter the region, only 4,500 have been found and disposed of so far.


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