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EU breaking up Iran Nuclear negotiations.

Posted by QB on October 14, 2006

According to several sources, the European Union will announce on Tuesday that it is breaking off talks with Iran on its nuclear programme. The implication is the talks are producing nothing that can defuse the crisis, and that the matter will then go to the UN Security Council where there is, according to the French foreign minister, a “large degree of agreement” between its permanent members and Germany, which has also been involved in the negotiations. Iran thus appears to be drinking in the last chance saloon, and the message coming from the West is clear; Iran has just over 72 hours to allay international fears over its use of nuclear technology.

Bush regime anxiously waiting for UN Security Council sanction resultion on Iran Nuclear program. China and Russia backed off from imposing tough sanctions will not let the UN and US and its European allies to pass a tough resolution against Iran.  China and Russia has big oil business interests with Iran.


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