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Venezuela vs Guatemala for UN Secruity Council Seat. Update Oct. 19, 2006

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

The UN will vote on Latin America representative on UN Secruity Council Non Permanent seat on Monday. This will be interesting vote because Bush regime is strongly backing up Guatema to make sure Venezuela did not get on to UN Security Concil.

The winner needs to win votes from two-thirds, or 128, of the U.N.’s 190 member countries. Neither side is predicting victory.

Guatemalan foreign minister Gert Rosenthal said last week he was “both optimistic and cautious, since the dispute is very tight, but we have very good chances of being voted in.”

“The process can be long,” he said. “It won’t be easy because imperialism is moving all its pieces, pressuring and attempting to blackmail half the world to try to stop us from entering the security council.” Hugo Chavez commented on Monday election.

The United States is campaigning behind the scenes to boost Guatemala and prevent Chavez from winning a platform to voice opposition to what he calls Washington’s “imperialist” foreign policies. Guatemala has the full support of US and its European Allies. Venezuala chances depends mostly on Asia, Latin America and Affrica. The Asian countries who depends on US aid did not have the courage to vote for Venezuela but it will be interesting if Venezuela wins.

This is the only way to stop Bush regime’s madness of invading countries in Middle East.

Guatemala did not get the two thrid majority in todays vote. Bush regime must be ashmed and frustrated that they used all their bullying tactics and still are unable to defeat Venezuala. Way to go Amigo Hugo Chavez. You are showing the world leaders how to stand up against US oppresssion and aggression policies.


6 Responses to “Venezuela vs Guatemala for UN Secruity Council Seat. Update Oct. 19, 2006”

  1. Miriam said

    Fascinating “trivia”….I just learned that the Congressman who has sat on the Committee which regulates US Central American relations is married not to an Illinois woman but to an extraordinary woman from…….Guatemala….who is not only the daughter of former Dictator General Rios Mont who lives under house arrest (in his palace) there but is also responsible for the death squad murders of more than 60000 citizens during the Reagan Contra wars there….
    but daughter is not “merely” his wife, she is an attorney who was also the leader of the Guatemalan Legislature…what a coinkydink?….am wondering what else Weller has been up to?.

  2. quranbible said

    This is interesting information Miriam. Thanks for bringing it out.

  3. Dave Collins said

    Chavez claims that the U.S. is “blackmailing” countries to support Guatemala. What’s the difference? He’s tossing around petro dollars so that his team wins. The man is a demagogue and an ass.

  4. quranbible said

    Hugo Chevez is providing financial help for the poor in neighboring countries since long time. He will be doing the same even after loosing this UN Security Council Seat.

  5. get a grip said

    “Hugo Chevez is providing financial help for the poor in neighboring countries since long time. He will be doing the same even after loosing this UN Security Council Seat.”

    B**s**. he’s trying to buy votes and you know it and so does the world press. why do the venezuealan people put up with having there money given away in such a pointless manner? A lot of countries hate bush but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck with somebody as nutty as Chavez

  6. Hugo Chavez giving money which benefit poor is very much admirable even if he is doing this to buy UN votes.

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