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There is a coup d’etat “in progress” in Bolivia.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Hugo Chavez send his foreign minister to Bolivia to evaluate the uprising in that counrty who will submit his report upon his arrival in Venezuela.

“I have instructed my Foreign Minister, our Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro to leave (Ecuador) and go to Bolivia. He was in Bolivia last night (Wednesday). He is scheduled to arrive (in Venezuela) today (Thursday) and bring me a report” about an alleged uprising in Bolivia. For the second time in 12 hours, Chávez vowed to face any revolt in Bolivia by using “any mechanism.”

“If the Latin American oligarchy, on its knees before the US empire, breaks the rules of the game and disavows the sovereign rights of the peoples, Venezuela will not fold its arms before aggression,” Chávez said in a TV address.

“Evo, my brother, resist! May God and the Aimara and Quechan gods take care of you! We are with you! We are with Bolivia!”

Chávez insisted he has evidence to say “that a plan to overthrow the Government of our brother Evo Morales is in progress.”

“If anything happens to my brother Evo Morales, the culprit is the President of the US (George W. Bush), the aggressor of our peoples.”

Bush regime had learned no lessons from interferring in other countries internal affairs with two failed invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and if they try to destablize Bolivian government they will face the same humiliating defeat with more strained relationship. The US population very innocently asked “why they hate” us without looking at their government aggressive oppressive policies.


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