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Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert supports international efforts including UN Security Council sanctions on Iran to restrain their Nuclear Program development. The Israel will put all its propaganda efforts to bring out possible military cooperation between North Korea and Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister will also hope to raise Iran’s nuclear issue with Putin when he meet him next week.

Palestinian Prime Minister followers at a meal to break the fast of Ramadan that the international community would increase the pressure it was exerting on Hamas “in order to try and force it to sacrifice its principles.” Regarding kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, Haniyeh said, “Olmert is the one delaying your boy’s release, “adding, “Hamas and the organizations that carried out the kidnapping are prepared to release him as part of a prisoner exchange deal.”

“We will not release him in exchange for promises…only as part of a deal,” exclaimed the PA prime minister.

Israelis military escalated its military offense in Gaza killing 9 Palestinians including two children. Israeli military as usual is targeting the civilian houses which killed 2 year old girl with firiging rockets from US supplied aircrafts.

The Foreign and Common Wealth reported is called biased and using double standards on its human rights annual report condemning Hezbollah attacks on Israel civilians which killed 40 Israelis without mentioning of Israel’s bombing of Southern Lebenon which completely destroyed the ciities towns villiages and killed about 1200 Lebanese.


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