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Iran Nuclear Threat? Sectarian violence.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming US for flaming sectarian violence in Iraq and US accused Iran for this sectarian violence.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, said on Friday the United States was encouraging sectarian strife in Iraq.
“Making Sunnis and Shias suspicious of one another … is the policy of the Americans in Iraq,” Khamenei told worshippers at Friday prayers, broadcast live on state television. “Our Iraqi brothers need to stand united … and beware that the enemy plans to turn people against the people,” he said.

The truth is US and Iran accusations are not correct but it is true as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pointed out that all this violence started with bombing of Shias mosque in February. The sectarian violence was very intelligently instigated by Iraqi Resistance after they tried all their peaceful  efforts to bring Shias into their Resistance against occupation military. The Iraqi Resistance used the bombing of religious shrines as the last resort which finally worked and the Iraq has slipped into worst killing field.

There was active participation of Sunnis and Shias against occupation immediately after the fall of Baghdad according to independent reports which was discouraged by Grand Satan Sistani who decided to extend cooperation to US occupation military by giving them time to hand over power to Shias. Grand Satan Sistani still has the power to stop this sectarian violence with one strong statement but he has choose not do so for some wierd reasons.

Bush is trying to scare Americans with similar phrases which he used against Saddam Hussein regarding Iran Nuclear program. The allegations Bush is making is all lies and speculations with no real proof that Iran infact is developing Nuclear Weapons.

“Imagine a Middle East with an Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations and trying to promote their vision of extremism through Hezbollah?”

This is the stupid statement by Bush. The truth is that Iran uranium enrichment is within NPT which they have the right to do so for their Nuclear engry program development. The Iran relations with Hamas and Hezbollah are friendly because they don’t consider these organizations as “terrorists” as labeled by US and its European allies.

The United States is confident that if given a genuine opportunity to choose its leaders freely and fairly, the Iranian people would make a very different choice, says Mr. Burns. “They would choose leaders who invest in development at home rather than bloodshed abroad and a system that respects all faiths, empowers all citizens, and resumes Iran’s historic place as a regional leader.” This is again only the propaganda by Bush regime  because Iranians did voted for Ahmadinejad in fair and free elections and they elected who they believe is good for them and their country.

Ayatollah Khemeni and Ahmadinejad said that Iran will continue its peaceful uranium enrichment program without fear.


One Response to “Iran Nuclear Threat? Sectarian violence.”

  1. Ali said

    Yah, you are absolutely right. this is all the plan of US to make muslims fight each other. US did the same thing in Iraq now he is doing the same thing In Palestine, by dividing them into different fractions and making them waste the blood of their own muslims brother. Muslims, Beaware of these Conspiracies of the US.All the world knows that Hamas or Hezbollah are not the terrorist organiztions. The real terrorist are AMERICA and ISRAEL. The same wrong Evidence that the US showed against Saddam, now he is showing against Iran. all the disturbance in Iraq is due to America not Shia or sunnis. they are leaving in the same area for decades but never this scenario occured. Please support Iran at this moment.

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