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Ahmadinejad commended Palestine and Lebanon.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Iran’s President in a meeting with the Palestinian interior minister commented that the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and the victory of the people’s government in Palestine had toppled the 60 year tyrant equations of world powers within the region.


“These victories have dragged the fraud Zionist regime in to a crisis in the Middle East and has placed its existence under question all over the world,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated.


“The elected government of Palestine through persisting on its logical and revolutionary stances and with faith in God, unison and resistance must gather the foundations for Palestine’s goal to become true,” he said.


President Ahmadinejad also went on to name Palestine as the front line of the battle among the Islamic Umma and world tyrants.


“The Islamic Republic of Iran has no limitations in transferring its experiences in all fields to the people’s government of Palestine,” Ahmadinejad noted.


The Palestinian interior minister, Saeed Seyam on his part voiced his governments need for Iran’s assistance.


“The newly established government of Palestine is heavily under attack by various propagandas and sanctions and so it would accept Iran’s precious experiences in all fields,” he said.

The Israel failed invasion of Lebanon is the cause of this feeling among the Muslim World.


21 Responses to “Ahmadinejad commended Palestine and Lebanon.”

  1. Elinor McLennon said

    First, there is no “Palestinian” people. They are Arab descendants. These Arabs had a chance to have their own land but declined it because they don’t want to coexist with the Israeli’s. Why would this group of people want to settle into Israel? It’s not their land! God – through his living word gave the land to the Jews. So why don’t the “palestinians” go and live in an Arab nation? Do their own people not want them?
    Next, if Islam is such a peaceful religion, why did they kidnap the Israeli soldiers and demand a trade…1000 for 3? Hostage taking is a war crime according to the UN so why didn’t the UN punish these people severely for their actions.
    I don’t see that the terrorists in Lebanon won the war. As I recall the Israeli army destroyed Lebanon….especially Beirut. These terrorists cells(hezbollah and Hamas) hide in civilian communities and want to cry “no fair, you killed innocent people” when Israel started bombing their bunkers. What about the innocent soldiers killed when they tunneled into Israel and kidnapped the 2 soldiers?
    Of course the government of “Palenstine” is under attack…they are firing rockets into Israel daily but yet they wonder why the Israeli’s and the West want to place sanctions against them. Of course Iran and Syria are arming these terrorists…Ahmadinjad is following the teachings of a false God….a moon God. This so called religion of peace(Islam) believes that all must be converted or be killed so Iran and Syria are spending the money on the terrorists to enforce this insane idealogy. Islam is not a religion it’s propaganda aimed at destroying everyone that doesn’t believe in Allah…a false God. Where’s the peace in their doctrine.
    Does Ahmadinjad not realize that this is a spiritual war and that the true, living God of the bible is going to win????????? Does he really believe that causing apocalyptic war that this will usher in their Mahdi and begin a 7 year tribulation?
    God is going to return someday and Mr. Ahmadinjad better be prepared. God will NOT allow Israel to be completely destoyed. Have you noticed that since May 15th, 1948 there have been many battles concerning Jerusalem and the Jews….and guess what…they have survived!!!! God placed Israel in a very strategic area(between 3 continents) so that it could be the salt and light of this world. Jesus Christ will return someday and sit on His throne in Israel and I can’t wait!!!!

  2. quranbible said

    The God give the land to Jews is the most fanatical religious used by Jews and Christians in favor of Israel. The truth is it was British who helped these Europeans to create Israel. I want to see the written sales deed between God and Jews for the land they claim is given to them by God.

    Palestinians kidnapped soldiers as the part of their freedom struggle.

    You listen to news network propaganda about Hamas and Hezbollah and believe whatever they tell you without verifying the truths.

    Hamas is democratically elected by Palestinians because of their social and welware work. Hezbollah had the chances of winning next Lebanon elections for thier social and welfare work and also because of failed Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

    Your comments on religion are based on complete ignorance and it will be waste of time to reply.

    There will be no peace in the world until we have people like you who try to justify all their atrocities in the name of God.

  3. A Christian said

    The deed, actually referred to as the covenant, that you refer to is written in the Bible, Genesis 17:4, 7-8.
    In 1947 the British plan for partition was supported by the UN, and when Brittain ended its Palestinian mandate, in 1948 an independent state of Israel was proclaimed.
    There is no sales deed from God to the Jews. God gave the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants.
    Palestinians kidnapped soldiers for a freedom struggle??????? Freedom from what? Israel deoccupied Lebanon in the year 2000.
    No matter what the reason was kidnapping is still a terrorist act that should have brought punishment to those involved.
    I DO NOT listen to news propaganda for my information because here in America the news tries to paint a portrait that Islam is a peaceful religion. That’s insane!!!!! Kidnapping and videotaping our American reporters and forcing them by the sword to convert to Islam is not peaceful. I do my own research for information.
    Hamas combines Palestinian nationalism with Islamic fundamentalism. Its founding charter commits the group to the destruction of Israel, the replacement of the PA with an Islamist state on the West Bank and Gaza, and to raising “the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.” Its leaders have called suicide attacks the “F-16” of the Palestinian people. Hamas believes “peace talks will do no good,” Rantisi said in April 2004. “We do not believe we can live with the enemy. Hamas is believed to have killed more than 500 people in more than 350 separate terrorist attacks since 1993. Not all Hamas’ attacks have been carried out by suicide bombers. The group has also accepted responsibility for assaults using mortars, short-range rockets, and small arms fire. Their social work is being done to paint a picture of a loving group doing good things for the people but their motive is to recruit young people into their group. The things mentioned above does not sound like the works of a peaceful organization.
    Hezbollah does the same things as the Hamas. They invite war into the country of Lebanon then want to give the people money to repair their homes and rebuild their lives. I don’t understand how this is a peaceful gesture???????
    I do not know of any Christian, including myself, that commit atrocities in the name of God. If you have any proof of that please let me know.
    I truly did enjoy your reply and hope that you will continue to reply. Nothing is going to be solved if people cannot communicate and/or to be educated on this subject. I do not want to offend you I am just trying to learn for myself what is behind all of the hatred and violence in the Middle East.
    Thank You

  4. quranbible said

    I don’t care what is written in Genesis. This is the most stupid religious stupidity that God gave this land to Jews some 5000 years back and it is sacred land. The summary of all your long biased and hatred comments is that “RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM” is good using “OLD TESTAMENT” and “NEW TESTAMENT”. Jews and Christians killing Muslims is what wants them to do and when Muslims attack to fight against the oppressions is “terrorism” and their struggle is blamed on “ISLAM”.

    As I said earlier. There will be no peace until we have religious FANATICS like yourself in Christianity Judaism and Islam. Keep fighting and keep killing each other in tne name of your religion and God.

  5. TruthPrevails said

    quranbible i hope you dont mind me getting in on this conversation….i would like to know a muslims answers to these questions. i’ve asked many different religions but i haven’t asked a muslim

    1) Who is God?
    2) How did the world begin?
    3) What is your purpose on earth?
    4) What will happen to you after you die?

  6. quranbible said

    1) God is our Master. God is the begining and God is the End. That means that God always existed before the begining of this universe. God is One. There is no begotton son of God and mother of God to worship.

    2) Universe begins with the sepration of gasses which is known as the big bang.

    3) I really did not look for the purpose of my life on earth. I guess to live peacefully without disrespecting people’s beliefs. He kind to my parents brothers sisters, give charity, help out poor.

    4) Death is just like a sleep. God has explained death using night sleep. When I die time will stop wihtout knowing what is going around me or in the world. I will be resurrected on the day of judgement just like I wake up in the morning after good night sleep.

    PS: Muslims and Jews worship the same God with different names.

  7. TruthPrevails said

    quranbible……sorry i have one more question. do you practice islam? i thought that when you died in Islam you got 72 virgins and dry martinis…..correct me if i am wrong

  8. quranbible said

    Truth Prevails you are one hell of a hate promoter. There is no such promise by God to give 72 virgins. This whole story is absurd. Go and stick around with Pastor Hagee Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell you fit very well with them all Christianofacists.

    Can you give me the reference from Qur’an where God promised to give 72 virgins?

    BTW changing names does not making you hide your identity. Your IP address is still the same even by chaning your user names.

  9. A Christian said

    I didn’t change my name and I understand about ISP addresses. That was another person(a friend) who asked about the 72 virgins. I have been told about that but I don’t know if it’s true. I was told that is part of what a suicide bomber gets as an award.
    Sorry about the remark that was made.

  10. A Christian said

    won’t there be peace if people of all religions quit fighting? and what is the fighting over? why all the comments from iran and palestinians about annihilating israel? why so much hate for the jews? can you understand why the west is concerned about iran’s nuclear enrichment program when ahmadinjad openly vows to destroy israel?

  11. quranbible said

    There will only be peace when people really have the knowledge about their own religion and this can only be achieved by education. The religious education will change the mentality of “my god is better and your god and my religion is the only true religion”. God has given us the free will to follow or not to follow any religion. There is no complusion in religion, stop justifying all the atrocities in the name of religion. Peace will be achieved but it will take time.

  12. A Christian said

    do you want peace?
    do you practice islam?
    what is the middle east fighting for? what reason(s)? is it oil, israel, terrorism? help me to undestand.
    you’re right about God giving us the freewill to choose. we finally agree on something:):)

  13. A Christian said

    can peace really be achieved? seems to me that things have gone too far. there are too may fanatics in the world trying to make their statements by using violence. this isn’t helping. it’s just causing more hatred among people and that saddens me.

  14. quranbible said

    Read my blog there are plenty of posts on Middle East and Israel Palestine conflict.

  15. A Christian said

    in post 6 you said muslims and jews worship the same God but with different names. What God(s). I thought the muslims God was Allah and that the Jews God was Jehovah(Jesus) the son of God.
    Thank you for your input. I am very intrigued by the situations going on in our world today. I want to learn and understand and I have been reading alot on your website. Thanks.

    p.s. truth prevails is a student studying about islam and the middle east. the questions asked to you were for a homework assignment and the student wanted to talk to someone different with different perspectives. So thanks for helping.

  16. A Christian said

    ok, i think i might understand a little bit.

    1. there are sunni’s and they believe in Jesus?
    2. there are shiite’s and they believe in who?
    3. i don;t nderstand the difference between these 2 groups except that they seem to be having a “civil” war in iraq.
    4. Hamas is a group elected by the palestinian people. Do they recognize the Jews or do they want to kill them?
    5. Hezbollah is in Lebanon protecting people from Israel???
    6. Al quadea is Osama Bin Laden’s group in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why did they committ 9/11 hijackings? What did the US do to them?
    7. There seems to be at least 3 brances of Al Queda and they want to attack the US again. Why?

  17. quranbible said

    A Christian,

    Muslims and Jews believe in same One God. Jews don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. Allah is simply Arabic transation of God which all the Christians use when referring to God.

  18. quranbible said

    I will rewrite the post to answer your questions in comments 16.

    You and your friend are always welcome to ask me any question. I will reply with complete honesty which you can verify yourself by checking it out in the link provided to Bible and Qur’an.

  19. quranbible said

    Sunnis and Shias all believe in Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ was messenger and Prophet of God. The Sunnis believe that Jesus Christ is still alive just like Christians and will come back. Shias believe that it will me Imam Mahdi who will come and solve all their problem not Jesus Christ. They are two different factions of Islam just like Catholics and Protestants in Christianity.

    Hamas does not recognize Israel. They want to kill them as much as Israelis wanted to kill them so the hatred goes both ways.

    Hezbollah is a shield against Isreal to defend its land and people from any Isreal’s attack.

    Its political war between Osama Bin Laden and US wrapped up in religion. Read Osama Bin Laden trapped Bush intelligently.

  20. A Christian said

    thanks alot for the information. also want to thank you for being nice because “truth prevails” is a young person who is searching for answers just like myself. so i appreciate the time, honesty and sincerity of your comments. i’ve got so much reading to do:):):)
    and now we have a terrorist threat for this weekend that was posted on the internet. something about our NFL stadiums so i want to do some research into that…..the media is so out of touch with reality….they only report one side and they only report things that serve poloticians’ agendas!!!!!

  21. Another Christian said

    Just to clarify: Christians and Jews believe in the same Father God. Jewish people just don’t believe that Jesus was the messiah they were looking for, which is why they are still awaiting the messiah’s arrival. Christians believe in the trinity (a term given to a Biblical principle)which says that God has three parts: the Father, the son (Jesus- the ultimate sacrifice for our sins- fully God and fully man), and the Holy Spirit (the part of God that lives in you after accepting Christ). The Jews believe in the same God, but they just missed the fact that Jesus was the messiah professied throughout the old testament. The entire Bible, old and new testament, backs up the coming of Christ, who fulfilled all the professy. While the Jews and Christians worship the same father God, there is no way that the God of the Muslims, Allah is the same. They have very different characteristics.

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