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Afghanistan – Bush and Blair war.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

The British Parliament had interesting debate discussion comparing it parallel to Russian invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The British government is denying any claim that there is no comparison between UK and US invasion and occupation with Russia invasion and occupation. The British government used the word “deployment of UK troops” instead of invasion to look like its more likely to be seen as they went there for good cause.

“I have studied Afghanistan’s history and think the important point is that the Soviet campaign and the campaigns of the British Empire were absolutely different in nature from what we are undertaking,” Defence Minister Lord Drayson said.

Speaking in the House of Lords on Thursday, Drayson said the point was made clear to him recently by Estonia’s defence minister Jurgen Ligi, who said the people of his country were sent to Afghanistan “as a form of punishment under the Soviet empire.”

“We, with our coalition partners, are supporting the development of a democracy in Afghanistan, with the complete support of the people of Afghanistan as expressed in their democratic elections. That is completely different,” he said.

The same rhetoric of promoting Bush regime democracy with guns and bombs. The US and British invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is no different than Russian invasion and occupation. The occupation military is facing the fierce resistance from Afghans who has the desire and will to fight these foreign occupation for as long as it take to take back control of their country.

The other news is that 8 Afghans and one NATO soldier killed in suicide attack in Kandahar. According to NATO Commandar said that Afghanistan has reached to a boiling point. Lieutenant General David Richards said on October 8 that the situation in this country reached the boiling point. The British general believes that the majority of the population will end up on the Taliban’s side unless some positive changes take place within six months, no more. Residents of Badakhshan this correspondent talked to claim that fighting takes place in the environs of Jelalabad, Hardez, and Kandahar (eastern and southern provinces) almost every day but NATO command is keeping it under the lid.

Bush regime thought that they will control Afghanistan by giving power to Hamid Karzi who only had the control of Kabul with the help of foreign fighters. Afghans will always be more sympathtic to Talebans because they are their own people over these foreign occupation military. The US UK can delay their complete defeat quickly started spending hundreds of million dollars but at the end the outcome of Afghanistan occupation will not be different than Russian occupation.


2 Responses to “Afghanistan – Bush and Blair war.”

  1. ldspatriot said

    You are wrong, it is different as to reasons, purpose, and ends.

  2. quranbible said

    Read my other posts on Afghanistan and Iraq. According to my analysis there is no end to these wars which US has already lost due to stupidity.

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