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Hugo Chavez assured Venezuela support for Bolivia.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2006

Hugo Chevez issued a very strong statement in support of Bolivian President Evo Morales and blame US trying to destablize the government and eventually planning a coup. Hugo Chavez said any coup attempt will be overturn with the popular support of the Bolivians just like the Pedro Carmona, who headed an interim government for less than 48 hours during a 2002 against him.

Hugo Chavez statement comes after a report Sunday in Bolivia’s El Mundo newspaper alleged that a coup against Morales was planned for this week. The report, which claimed that Chilean military officers and government opponents from recent mining disturbances were involved, cited unnamed sources in the Bolivian government. It was written by Heinz Dieterich, a professor at a Mexican university and sometimes adviser to Chavez.

Hugo Chavez also said that US government had increased its military presence in South America with their fight against cocaine trafficking. Bolivia and US military cooperation is not at the same level after Evo Morales take office in January. Bolivia has developed close military, energy and economic cooperation agreements with Venezuela which is not very much appreciated by Bush regime. There are unknown numbers of Venezuela military personnel are serving in Bolivia

The US has another big problem if Correa wins Ecuador election in its first round on Oct. 15. This is worst nightmare because they thought that they have eliminated the threat of “evil left socialism” by killing Che Guevara 40 years back. Che Guevara struggle and his efforts are very much alive in South America even today.


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