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North Korea Nuclear Test and blame game.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2006

This is interesting to see that Republicans started blaming Bill Clinton for North Korea Nuclear Test. The one of the 2008 Presidential hopeful John McCain blame Bill Clinton for getting engaged directly with North Korea which according to him was the failed policy which leads them to develop nuclear weapon. John McCain who considered maverick is the most shallow politician hidden in many layers of hypocrisy that people don’t see real person. The problem is people don’t pay much attention otherwise they could have find out that whenever he is facing camera or in front of people he is wearing his mask of unbiased honest and watching closely his words and body language one can easily find out that he get uncomfortable trying to hide real of himself. John McCain did not realize that Bill Clinton diplomacy and direct talks with North-Korea keep them away from developing nuclear weapons 8 years. Kim Jong-Il started the nuclear weapons development after completely ignored by Bush regime as they were obsessed with Saddam Hussein.

Bush regime had blamed Bill Clinton for everything they themseleves failed terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and now we might hear someday that it was Bill Clinton fault that US troops are struck in Afghanistan and Iraq and it is Bill Clinton fault that US is loosing the “war on terror”.

Scott Ritter today appeared on CNN with his sharp truth that US is planning attack on Iran Nuclear facilities and when engaged in full scale confrontation will use Nuclear Weapons on Iran. Scott Ritter is former UN Nuclear Weapons inspector who did oppose the Iraq invasion and he was the only person who like me is trying to tell the world that Bush administration are lying on Saddam Hussein Weapons of Mass Destructions. Scott Ritter recently visited Iran and according to him Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium under UN NPT which US refuse to acknowledge.

Do you not believe Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb? Wolf Blitzer.

Scott Ritter reply. “I would say that no one can say this with absolute certainty. I don’t believe that the Bush administration has made a sound case that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a case backed up with fact. In fact, to counter this, when you take a look at those who are mandated to investigate, the International Atomic Energy Agency, both in terms of the reports that they have released, and the people that I’ve spoken to, while they remain skeptical about Iran — you know, the fact that Iran might be hiding some facts — they state right out there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. ”

Wolf Blitzer  who is against the Iran Nuclear program because of of religion and piece of land which were given to Jews some 5000 years back try to spin the situation by pointed out towards IAEA Director-General Muhammad ElBaradei, what they said is they’re not taking steps consistent with their obligations under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. They can’t reject, they can’t categorically say Iran isn’t pursuing a nuclear program.

“Correct, but that doesn’t mean they are pursuing a nuclear weapons program. What it means is that we have a diplomatic crisis, something that needs to be resolved, diplomatically. ” Scott Ritter clear simple reply.

“Well, how can you resolve something diplomatically if you refuse to engage one-on-one with the parties that you’re concerned about? We continue to say this is a European issue. The Europeans need to engage, but when you take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, with what they’re doing at the IAEA, with the European Union, we’re undermining — Iran’s counter is that the nonproliferation treaty, particularly Article IV, gives them every right under international law to enrich.

There’s a difference between what they’re asking Iran to do and what Iran is obligated to do. Everyone wants Iran to pursue what’s call the “additional protocol” and even measures beyond this. This is special terminology for special inspection procedures, etc cetera. Iran says they will do this if the European Union and the United States acknowledge their right, under Article IV, to enrich uranium. The U.S. position is not one spinning centrifuge, no enriching. ”

This is what Scott Ritter said about Iran invasion.  “I know that they are considering. There are plans in place for putting American troops on the ground. It’s not the first option. The first option is, of course, the air strike, the massive aerial bombardment to achieve a number of things. A, to nullify the Iranian nuclear capacity; but B, to destabilize the Iranian regime to the point that it facilitates regime change.

The problem is once you initiate this aerial campaign, and you do not succeed in either verifiably nullifying the nuclear program or B, undermining and destabilizing the regime. What’s your next step? Because you’ve already opened up the bottle, because you’ve already initiated.

The next step will be limited incursion of American troops to achieve and reinforce destabilization, and when that fails when 40,000 American troops on the ground what do you do when the situation deteriorates to a point that they are truly at risk.

Because as you pointed out, it’s a nation of 60 to 70 million people. It’s not going to roll over and play dead. What do you do when you start bombing, you put troops on the ground, and you’re still not winning?

Again, the Bush administration has articulated a nuclear posture, a nuclear policy that allows for the preemptive use in a nuclear weapons in a non-nuclear environment if the president determines that American forces are placed at unacceptable risk. I would say that having 40,000 troops in Iran, in a deteriorating situation, represents the kind of unacceptable risk. “


2 Responses to “North Korea Nuclear Test and blame game.”

  1. j.g. said

    I’ve never lived better than underBill Clinton! Gasoline prices were pretty much stable, the national debt was non-existant, aswe are now “borrowing” $10 Billion a day from China just to keep the nation afloat by “spurring” the economy…..PLEASE!!!! Enough already!!! Bush needs a vinegar and water douche to get out that fishy smell and get a real life and run this country and NOT the world.

  2. north korea nuclear test and blame game.

    North Korea said on Tuesday that it will conduct a nuclear test. The KCNA, the communist country’s new agency issued this comment in their statement. “The field of scientific research of the DPRK (North Korea’s official name) will in …

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