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North Korea Nuclear Test at appropriate time and very justified.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2006

The North Korean Nuclear Test come at appropriate time which is justified by reasoning that Kim Jong-Il has took this decision for the protection of his country and his own people. North Korea is living under constant threat from mentally unstable Bush regime since he included North Korea and Iran in his famous axis of evil speech. Bush regime who invaded Iraq because they know that Saddam Hussein did not have any Nuclear Weapons. Kim Jong-Il from Iraq invasion learned the right lesson that they have to quickly develop Nuclear Weapons to avoid US preemptive attack. North Koreans work quickly and I am glad that they have conducted successful Nuclear test for the protection of their country and people. Kim Jong-Il leadership and his strong will should be appreciated with countries like Iran must stop trying to act like children trying to convince the world that their Nuclear program is for energy purposes and go for the Nuclear Weapons like North Koreans.

The Nuclear Weapons program is so hypocritical unjust and dictatorial that by looking at it fairly can’t condemn weaker nations to developed their own Nuclear Weapons for their defence purposes. We already have enough WMD which are more than enough to destroy the whole world possessed by Big Five UN Security Council permanent members. These members are the biggest UN NPT violators who are sitting on piles of Chemicals, Biological, Nuclear Weapons and wants the rest of the world to sign NPT. This is pure hypocrisy and monopoly on Weapons which only US, China, Russia, France, UK have for the protection of their countries and people and the rest of the world population has to live under constant threat of invasion and occupation by USA, UK and Russia.

These US is the major supplier of Weapons of Mass Destructions to Israel which has changed the Middle East military balance of power in the region. Israel Nuclear program goes under US protection of veteos and Iran is threaten by EU and US sanctions and air strikes on small uranium enrichment program.

The US has approximately 500 billion military budget and they have problem with Hugo Chavez spending few billions on its military Weapons imports from China and Russia.

The US is in no position to take any military action against North Korea to pursue their regime change policy or air strike on its Nuclear facilities because that will bring death and destruction in millions. North Korea would have not conducted this Nuclear test if Bush regime had engaged in negotiations providing them assurances that they are not planning any attack for regime change and take back the “axis of evil” comments but this regime don’t know what diplomacy means in international relations.

The following is statement of North Korean UN Ambassador and I agree with him that this Nuclear test provides the peace guarantee in the reagion is not threat to paeace.

“It will be better for the Security Council of the United Nations to congratulate the DPRK scientists and researchers instead of doing such notorious, useless and rigorous resolutions or whatever,” Pak said, referring to the North by its formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

While many council members said the test would be a threat to international peace and security, Pak claimed just the opposite.

“The nuclear test in the DPRK will greatly contribute in increasing the world deterrence of the DPRK” and will contribute “to the maintenance and guarantee of peace and security in the peninsula and the region,” he said.

This story will continue for days to come and Bush will hold press conference today and it would be interesting to listen what he has to say.

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