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Ecuador Elect Correa on Oct. 15 Elections.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2006

Ecuador’s leftist front-running presidential candidate has defended deepening relations with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

This came during a televised debate with his three closest rivals ahead of the Oct 15 elections.

“We absolutely do not have to ask for authorization from anybody to seek getting closer with a brother nation like Venezuela,” said Rafael Correa.

This was in apparent reference to concerns in Washington about Chavez’s growing influence in the region. “We will seek that with all countries of Latin America.”

The debate on Thursday was aired by Ecuador’s Channel 8 and broadcast by CNN’s Spanish-language service.

Correa, a US-trained economist, has recently surged to the front with about 27 percent backing.

He has a roughly 10 point lead over his closest challenger, center-left former Vice President Leon Roldos, who is only a couple of percentage points ahead of populist banana-magnate billionaire Alvaro Noboa.

Trailing in fourth place is conservative former Congresswoman Cynthia Viteri, with about 10 percent support. (AP)

Source : NDTV.Com

The Ecuador poor people must realize that this will be very crucial elections where career corrupt politicians will not let Correa win because he is a threat to the ruling elites of the country who believe that it is their right to the power. The only way to take away their pride arrogance and corrupt power by rallying behind Correa and make sure that he win Oct. 15 election with 50% of vote with over 10% lead over his all opponents. The second round for Correa will be very difficult to win because all the parties will throw their support for the conventional career politician to make sure that power remains with them as this is the only way they can prevail. These corrupt politicians will protect the elites rich class with their oppression of the poor.

The people of Ecuador also keep in mind that US is trying to bring its own puppet candidate who will support their Big Corporations contracts. The US which is worried about Latin America getting united is a clear threat for their own big corporation businesses. Hugo Chavez will be a trusted friend and supporter of Ecuador people who will not invade their country like Bush.

Give this fresh new candidate a chance to change the lives of common poor people. Che Guevara must be smiling in heaven.


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