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Pope Benedict – Kim Jong-Il – Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2006

“May Christian couples build a family that is open to life and capable of handling, united, the many, complex challenges of our times,” Benedict said as he delivered his traditional Sunday blessing from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

“There is a need for families who won’t let themselves be swept away by modern cultural currents that are inspired by hedonism and relativism,” the pontiff added.”

What I understand is that Pope wants to go back 2000 years back social and cultural values. Why these religious nuts always against modernization?

China Japan are getting very uncomfortable with Kim Jong-Il nuclear weapon test. What is the problem? Why can’t North Korea had nuclear weapons for defence purpose?

Reports and early speculations is that Venezuela will win the UN Security Council seat for two years by defeating Guatemala US backed country. Washington also try to bring Chile into the race to stop Venezuela getting elected. This will be huge win for Hugo Chavez and we need someone like Hugo Chavez to standup against US in Security Council.


One Response to “Pope Benedict – Kim Jong-Il – Hugo Chavez.”

  1. I was also interested in the news that the Pope is moving to abolish the purgatory state of “limbo.” Just like that. Amazing how that works, truly amazing. Can he make a chicken sandwich disappear? I bet he can.

    I think the issue with North Korea, from the standpoint of Washington, is probably just a matter of something like “street cred.” You know, like, “we’ve talked tough…oh, gosh, now we better act tough.” And I think there are possibly some American armament firms who are very happy to see that Japan is now interested in re-arming, so I don’t expect the US government is keen on extinguishing that “threat” if it can help it. Neither is it seriously worried for its own sake at the prospect of a nuclear test. That the Korean people are repeatedly encouraged to eat grass because it’s healthy is of no consequence to the West beyond token verbiage. They’ve got to talk tough and continue those punishing sanctions. It’s really very much like the mafia, la cosa nostra.

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