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Anti Chavez march in Caracuss.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2006

The Rosales opposition’s anti Chavez march is making big news on Fox trying to make it look like Hugo Chavez has lost the support of Venezuelans. Rosales accused Hugo Chavez of turning Venezuela similar to Cuba with Cuban government is governing the country. This is the most absurd unintelligent coming from someone who is getting the monetary support from Bush government with CIA backings to bring down peoples leader Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez who has developed diplomatic military economic and trade relations with the whole world which is making US government very unconfortable. Hugo Chavez diplomatic military economic trade relations with China and Russia has brought these two countries into US backyard as they were corned by US military bases in Asia for their socalled “War on Terror”. The US do not want any country to have weapons for their the defence purposes because they are trying to brainwash South American government that Venezuela becoming military power in the region will be threat to neighboring countries. The Hugo Chavez weapons deals with China and Russia will give Venezuela to defend itself if attacked by US and there is always a possibility that might come sometime in future keeping in mind that they have military operations in Panama and even in Grenada.

Hugo Chavez has introduction Venezuela on World stage and majority of the world population loves him for standing up for poor and oppressed people. Hugo Chavez is not making Venezuela a communist state this is the lie Rosales is saying because his masters in US commanded him to say.

Hugo Chavez will win December election with vast majority and than my advice to him is to take quick actions in implementing his policies which benefit poor people of Venezuela. Venezuelans will keep electing Hugo Chavez who for and with the poor oppressed like they keep electing Dr. Mahatir Muhammd of Malaysia for 22 years. Hugo Chavez you have a long way to go and the only way to succeed is by quick results.


2 Responses to “Anti Chavez march in Caracuss.”

  1. Dave said

    I bet Venezuela has a balanced budget. Wait, no they don’t. They have a surplus! It is amazing that the current administration can be so critical of someone when they can’t even balance a budget. Even my 14 year old can do that with his allowance every month. What does congress need, a calculator? Its simple math, income minus expenditures equals greater than or equal to 0. Then, maybe my children and grand children won’t be poor from paying back the Chinese who we have sold all this debt to. My generation won’t get SS pensions because the system is already broke because the republicans have spent that money on iraq.

  2. quranbible said

    Dave you have interesting blog and it is surprised that your views are very similar to mine. I tried to post comments on few of your posts but did not work login failed for some reason.

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