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US lost Militarily and Politically in Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 5, 2006

The latest blow for Bush regime this weak come from Iraqi government who are pulling back Iraqi Police Brigade from Buhgdad who are mostly Shi’ites are acting as death squads during the nights. Following is the Pentagon report filed by Jamie Mcintyre.

“With both car and roadside bombs now at an all-time high in Iraq, and U.S. casualties on pace to make October even worse than September, which was the second-deadliest month this year, there’s not much positive a military briefer can say. As far as U.S. casualties goes, this has been a hard week for U.S. forces over the last couple of days. In just four days, 19 Americans have died in Iraq. And if that rate continued, it would result in 147 deaths in October. Surpassing the previous highest monthly toll, 137 in November of 2004.

Iraqis continue to die at even higher rates. About 1,000 a month. Most from grisly murders and executions in which the victims are tortured. And now a brigade of Baghdad’s police have been pulled off the streets on suspicion of involvement with kidnappings and murders. They’ve been pulled offline and will go through retraining before they will be recertified and allowed to again conduct activities as police forces for the government of Iraq. The police of the Eighth Brigade will get new criminal background checks and face lie detectors in an effort to weed out militia killers.”

Michael Ware added following from Baghdad.

“Well, Wolf, this has been the way it has from the beginning. The death squads have been a part of the Iraqi security apparatus that has been propped up by the U.S. forces. In fact, the death squad certainly on the Shia side have become institutionalized. In the sense that the government themselves, or factions within it, I should say, are running or operating these death squads.

And the U.S. military intelligence says, for example, Ministry of Interior commanders will rent out official government vehicles at night to death squads to allow them to operate. Iraqi security force units patrolling the streets at night or manning checkpoints allow the death squads through. And then let them come back.

It is a patent of the style of government that has dominated by very particular Shia blocks, Wolf.

Do you see the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, himself a Shia, as having the determination, the will, the guts to deal with these militias, these death squads that have infiltrated the police and other establishment forces in Iraq? Wolf Blitzer asked Michael Ware this question.

Well, this is what the U.S. is banking upon. They are putting all their eggs in the Maliki basket at the moment. This is a man who is relatively powerless. He was a compromise candidate for the prime ministership. All the big players saw him as relatively neutral or manageable. He doesn’t have a militia of his own. He’s a fringe player within a broader powerful Shia block.

So the U.S. is attempting to prop him up. By delivering security to Baghdad, they want him to take the credit and develop a popular base according to State Department officials and U.S. military intelligence officials I talked to, that would give him a wedge against these all-powerful militias who actually run the key elements of this government, Wolf. Michael Ware answer.”

The US State Department officials assessment is as wrong again because this will not give Nouri al Malaki any broad support from Shi’ites actually it will alienate the majority of Shi’ites who are fighting for the total control of Iraq.

Bush who try to paint a very positive picture of Iraq is in denial of the facts, right you are Bob Woodward. The US politicians who want to increase the number of troops like John McCain and Joe Lieberman have no intelligence to analyze that this will curb down some violence for the time being is not the real solution of Iraq’s mess. The increasing of US troops will require more money for logistics which is already 8 billions per month. The other disadvantage of increasing the US troops will cause more resentment among Iraqis which might unite these Sunnis and Shi’ites against the occupation military. This will be the worst case scenrio for US troops in Iraq. This is military defeat.

The political defeat is that US invasion has brought the sectarian religious nuts into power who will be more close to Iran because of their religious beliefs. The other defeat is that Iraq will not have democracy, it will have sectarian dictatorship which will be worst than Saddam Hussein secular dictatorship.

There is no solution for Iraq except complete withdrawal of US and its allies out of Iraq.


3 Responses to “US lost Militarily and Politically in Iraq.”

  1. Betty said

    It does not have no solution for Iraq except the complete withdrawal of And U. and of its allies is of Iraq.

    Betty Martins

  2. quranbible said

    Betty checked your blog unable to understand what it is all about.

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