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US can’t win war in Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on October 4, 2006

This is what catch my attention last night on CNN Situation Room when John King talked to Sentate Majority Leader Bill Frist who is visiting Afghanistan and Iraq. Bill Frist said exactly what I am writing in my analysis of Afghanistan war.

“Senator Bill Frist said Monday the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and urged support for efforts to bring ‘people who call themselves Taliban’ and their allies into the government. The Tennessee Republican said he learned from briefings that Taliban fighters were too numerous and had too much popular support to be defeated on the battlefield.”

“We went to war in Afghanistan five years ago to crush the Taliban for the role it played in the 9/11 attacks. Senator Frist now suggests that the best way forward in Afghanistan is to coddle the Taliban by welcoming Taliban members into a coalition government, as if 9/11 had never happened.” Nancy Pelosi House Minority leader.

Well, to Nancy Pelosi I say your rhetoric is really just a frenzied attempt to give purpose to a party that has absolutely no agenda. I’m over here with our troops in Afghanistan. I was in southern Afghanistan yesterday. The Taliban is on the rise in Afghanistan today. But that doesn’t mean now, I guess she’s implying, cut and run in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is on the rise, and we do need to capture the hearts and the minds of the Afghan people. And my remarks yesterday were made after an extensive day of not just briefings, but actually being in southern Afghanistan. Where it’s clear that the Taliban is capturing the hearts and the minds of people there. Not for ideology, but those 10 or 15 percent of the so-called Taliban in the south are foreign fighters. They are to be condemned they are to be defeated, they are to be killed.

But there’s a large number of people because they don’t see hope ahead. And that’s why we have to appeal to their hearts and minds through economic development. Creation of jobs, roads, education. A lot of them are just farmers by day. But when the Taliban stick arms in their hands, they say well, I guess I’m Taliban. Those are the people that we need to go after to let them vote. Let them capture the hopes and the dreams that are a part of that government today.

Please read following Analysis of Afghanistan war which were written week before Bill Frist visit to Afghanistan and inverview on CNN.

Afghanistan – Pakistan growing rift. History Culture Detailed Analysis.

Afghanistan war will last for decades.

I also had the chance to take a quick glance at Iraq blog which was very biased based on false wishes of some Pfc supporting and suggesting  Bush policy of “stay on the course” is the correct strategy. The Iraq blog also give the impression that majority of Iraqis want US military to stay is not correct. The Iraqis who are holding to power wants US military to stay because they can’t hold on to power without their support. The Iraqi government consists of exciles who come into Iraq on US tanks and they have to leave Iraq on these tanks.


3 Responses to “US can’t win war in Afghanistan.”

  1. jillian com

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Jillian Hall.

  2. Jillian Hall I give following advice to another guy who like you is repeating the same comment to drive traffic to his blog and my advice to you is the same.

    Wael Kfoury my advice to you is to post some interesting comments after reading and understanding my point of view of the post instead of keep repeating this comment to drive traffic to your blog. The interesting intelligent comments always make people curious and they wanted to know about the person.

  3. J. golden said

    vietnam….same rhetoric…..hearts and minds my *&*&&!

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