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Rumsfeld is “Mr. Dog”. Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 4, 2006

20051104chavezmardelplatacontracumbre.jpgHugo Chavez who is offended by Rumsfeld visit to Nicaragua where he called Venezuela growing military power as threat to neighboring countries. Hugo Chavez reacted in his very own style by calling Rumsfeld “dog of war” on Tuesday, saying the defense chief has no business suggesting neighboring countries are concerned about Venezuela’s arms purchases.

Chavez said it’s disingenuous for Rumsfeld to say he knows of no country that is threatening Venezuela, and he insisted that the U.S. is a threat.

The Venezuelan leader called on Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to clarify whether he shares Rumsfeld’s worries about Venezuela’s recent military acquisitions, including helicopters, fighter jets and assault rifles.

“If this man is saying that my neighbors are worried because the weapons that Venezuela is acquiring could go to the leftist guerrillas, I need to know, President Uribe, if you have some type of worry regarding this,” Chavez said. “It should be you who says it, not the dog of war.”

In his televised speech, Chavez also chuckled as he called Rumsfeld “little dog” and “Mr. Dog.”

Rumsfeld, attending a meeting of Western hemisphere military leaders in Nicaragua this week, told reporters on Monday that he understood why Venezuela’s neighbors would be concerned by the buildup.


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