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Rep. Mark Foley. The House Republicans.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2006

I avoided Rep. Mark Foley since his resignation last Friday. The reason was simply it was too disgusting for me to discuss the messages he send to 16 year old boy. This news has now become political with majority of House Republicans are trying to spin this serious matter to divert the attention from the crime of Church going Jesus loving family values party.

I will still avoid to talk above the absence messages sent by Mark Foley. The House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hertest is trying to make people believe that he did not know anything about this issue before Friday, but this is going on since 2003 and his behaviour was reported to House Republicans leaders but they just warned him quietly to hold on this Florida House seat.

The Republicans are the worst hypocrites who hide behind the religion and God lying publicly to fool their Church going voters with rhetoric that their religion and God will be in danger if the other party get control of US government. I also remember the statement of one GOP Rep. who clearly said that he reported this incident in 2003 and anybody who is now saying that they don’t know about it until last Friday is lying.

There are lots of political analysts who are talking about the GOP losing House majority to Democrats to be is unlikely to happen because these religious freaks will still prefer religious pedophile over non religious godless candidates.


4 Responses to “Rep. Mark Foley. The House Republicans.”

  1. Mark Foley

    How much does your work know about what you are doing on the Internet? I bet you really dont know. Being a network administrator for a local company, Ive been asked on more than one occasion to keep an eye on certain employees Internet usage.

    From …

  2. quranbible said

    Ok keep sniffing. Keep an eye on everybody using internet. I am not scared to say what is right.

  3. fussy said

    The boy was 16, so it was legal (in DC, age of consent is 16). What’s the fuss all about?

  4. quranbible said

    There is no fuss at all on my side. The US News Networks including CNN has made this story in all their news since Friday. It is the hypocricy of these Republicans which is so evident that can’t resist to write this short post on this hot issue of main stream media. These religious freaks main policital and election issue always have the priority of gays which to them is “evil” only when someone non Church going guy get involved. These Chruch going religious fanatics protected this guy for more than three years knowingly what he was doing. The 16 year old kids are minors according to my own judgement. I don’t care about the Washington Law.

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