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North Korea ready for Nuclear Test!!!

Posted by QB on October 3, 2006

I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il. This is one more Bush administration failure. Bush does not have the foggiest idea what is diplomacy and why it is always helpful to resolve the conflicting issues with negotiations. The word “foggiest” used in reference to Bush statement which is reported in Bob Woodward book that he said his dad ask him to see Prince Bandar to learn about the international relations and he did not had the “foggiest” idea what international relations means before meeting him.

North Korea is going through worst economic and financial problems and all they need is financial aid to boast their economy. Bill Clinton diplomacy was great providing financial help to Kim Jong-Il with the promise not to persue their nuclear weapons development. It is so sad to see a President who follow Bill Clinton is a moron with no common sense. This President should have learned what diplomacy means from his teacher Prince Bandar with international relations.

Bush don’t talk to Kim Jong-Il, Bush don’t talk to Ahmadinejad, Bush don’t talk to Hugo Chavez, Bush don’t talk to Hamas Prime Minister of Palestine, Bush don’t talk to Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah.

The international relations are not like personal relationships where you don’t talk and be friends with people who disagree with one’s personal opinions which is alright but diplomacy is simply the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations or the art or science of conducting such negotiations. Bush administration or better call it regime has introduced its own doctrines which are dictatorial where they are dictating their own terms and conditions without taking part in any real negotiations.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad show great diplomacy when he invited US for negotiations with the idication that they might stop their uranium enrichment program. Bush regime refused any direct negotiations with their usual arrogance demanding Iran to stop uranium enrichment first for any negotiations to take place.

Bush regime and his European allies punished the Palestinian people for electing Hamas in very fair election by stopping all their financial aid which is causing social economic and violent unrest in Palestine. They should have accepted these democratic results with starting negotiations with Hamas to change their stance on Israel instead of immediately cutting off all the financial aid.

Bush has strained relationship with Hugo Chavez after they immediately accepted the coup in 2002 which could have easily be reconciled with negotiations. Bush regime choose to go after Hugo Chavez by trying to isolate Venezuela in Latin America by false accusations of harboring terrorists and trying to portray him as the threat to neighboring countries.

These are the main reason that I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il conducting nuclear test.


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