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Israel withdrawal from Lebanon completed.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2006

This war was the mistake by Ehud Olmert and his cabinet. Israel lost badly in this war without achievement any of its goal. The Israel carpet bombing of Southern Lebanon destroyed cities towns villages bridges and mostly killed young children and civilians. Hezbollah also fired few thousands of its rocket into Israel towns and cities which did killed some civilians and destroyed some civilians properties.

This war was started to liberate two Israelis captured soldiers and even after the withdrawal of Israel soldiers there is no release of those two captured soldiers. This war which was mistake to start with filled with arrogance and pride that Israel military power will destroy Hezbollah completely within days. This was the message coming out from Israel’s UN Ambassador and the Israel’s spokespersons. US immediately vetoed cease fire resolution at UN Security Council on Israel government wishes that they need couple of weeks to accomplished their goals. Israel government realised after four weeks after suffering military casualties that they have no chance of winning over Hezbollah accepted the ceasefire to save their face.

Israel can’t claim any good coming out of this unnecessary 34 days war. Ehud Olmert is facing the anger from the Israelis. There are also very strong voices within Israel for his resignation. Israel also is criticized by UN and by EU for using excessive use of power.

When this war started Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan criticized Hezbollahblaming to be the main cause of starting this war. These three Arab governments quickly stopped Hezbollah criticism with growing popularity within their own countries among the masses.

Qatar close US ally and the head quarters for military in Middle East visited Lebanon. praises Hezbollah for their brave stand against Israeli military and defeated Israel after 60 years. He also looked very happy to claim the first victory of the Arabs. Lebanon Prime Minister advice Israel can live in peace only by solving the issues with peaceful negotiations. The Lebanon Prime Minister is scared to criticize Hezbollah and Nasrallah because Israel invasion has helped this organization to reached to new level of popularity with in Lebanon and all around the Muslims World.

Israel and US who demand for Hezbollah disarmament is not the part of UNFIL troops in Southern Lebanon. Hezbollah issued a clear statement that they will not accept any disarmament and claim that they have all of its rockets and long range misiles safe.

This Israel war worked in favor of Hezbollah and Nasralah. Israel should have resolved the capture of its two soldiers more intelligently by negotiations instead of this unnecessary destructive war. Israel government still have the opportunity to solve the Sheba Farms issue peacefully with releasing Lebanese prisoners which will help them regain support internationally.


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