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Hugo Chavez Assassination attempt.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2006

Hugo Chavez Saturday said Saturday a sniper with a long-range gun and a motorcycle to escape on had planned to shoot him as he exited a helicopter on a recent trip to western Venezuela. Chavez was visiting the oil producing region Zulia and he accused his main rival in coming election Governor Manuel Rosales of Zulia state.

Chavez has previously made claims of his assassination by 27 Colombians and three Venezuelan military officers who were convicted by military court last October for plotting to kill him. Chavez government also demanded Bogota to investigate the allegations published in influential Colombian magazine that they are plotting to assassinate him and top Venezuela officials. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has denied the allegations.

Hugo Chavez also accuse US government for backing his opponents in coming elections and Bush maybe seeking to kill him after he called him “devil” at the UN General Assembly.

“For sure, one walks around risking one’s life … We’re being threatened with death by the (U.S.) empire,” he said.

Venezuela and US become bitter when Bush administration was quick to recognise the 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez which was quickly turned around with the popular uprising bringing him back to power. Hugo Chavez is considered destabilizing factor in South American by US government and they deny that they are planning any assignation plot against him.

Christian Broadcasting Network has declared Hugo Chavez the greatest threat to US after he called Bush “devil”.

Washington is closely watching Venezuela. Chavez recently closed deals with Russia worth roughly $3bn (€2.4bn) for 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 24 Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets and 53 military helicopters.

These military deals are raising fears in Washington because Hugo Chavez is termed as America worst enemy. This is another example of US government false propaganda against someone who do not agree with Bush stupid policies. Venezuela has the right to buy military arsenal for defence purposes. US has the biggest military budget which actually is real threat to Latin America and the world. Hugo Chavez never called US its enemy, he opposes Bush regime calling Americans friends of Venezuela. Hugo Chavez supply of discounted heating oil for domestic consumption for low Americans shows that he is not the enemy of America or Americans.


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