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Saddam Hussein – Trial.

Posted by QB on September 29, 2006

Presiding judge’s brother in law of Saddam Hussein trial shot dead yesterday. Al-Khalifa was deputy to Abdullah al-Amiri cheif judge who was removed due to his remarks “Saddam was not dictator” and replaced by this Shi’ite judge. Saddam Hussein is facing Kurds gassing genocide charges which are false charges according to CIA reports. Saddam Hussein always wanted to go into Arabs history as hero and US occupation military and their installed puppet are doing what he always wanted. Saddam Hussein will take and punishment becoming the hero for Arabs who stand bravely against mighty US power.

Kofi Annan called US invasion of Iraq illegal which makes Iraqi government illegal, the courts and judiciary system is illegal, the trial is biased and unfair which do not meet the international standards of justice. Killing one more person covering it with justice will not make any difference or make it legal.


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