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Ecuador Hugo Chavez another close ally? Presidential candidate called Bush “dimwitted”.

Posted by QB on September 29, 2006

Ecuadorian presidential candidate calls Bush “dimwitted”
Ecuador Presidential candidate Rafael Correa has become the front runner in coming elections on October 15th by playing right from Hugo Chavez play book. Rafael Correa is lashing out at corrupt politicians and lashing out at US just like Hugo Chavez.

Rafael Correa is promising to cut the national foreign debts payments and renegotiate oil contracts with foreign firms to benefit the majority of poor Ecuadoreans. Rafael Correa who is a new comer has alarmed the Washington and Wall Street along with the Ecaudor politicians with rising in polls in last two weeks. The reason for his recent rise in polls is very easily be understand what he said on one television interview regarding Hugo Chavez calling Bush “devil”.

`Calling Bush the devil is offending the devil,” Correa told Channel 8 television Wednesday. “The devil is evil, but intelligent.”

“I believe Bush is a tremendously dimwitted president who has done great damage to his country and to the world,” Correa said.

These two statements make it very easy for me to undersand his popularity with majority of poor Ecuadoreans.

Correa has another advantage over career politicians that he is new and majority of Ecuador’s population see him as an outsider who is not associated with the corrupt politicians.

Correa served as economy minister for four months and was forced to resign after he blasted World Bank for denying Ecuador 100 million dollar loan without consulting the President. Correa decided to be like Hugo Chavez the revolutionary strong popular leader of South America and he certainly had adopted the winning strategy.

Will keep eye on Ecuador elections.


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