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Amnesty International report Pakistan human rights abuse.

Posted by QB on September 29, 2006

Group alleges rights abuses in Pakistan.

The Amnesty International report I believe to be true. Pakistan official ofcourse will deny this true report. It is very easy for Pakistan police and intelligence agencies to frame anybody with false allegations and put them behind the bars or hand over to US for money. Pakistan police is corrupt who has found a new way of making money by arresting innocent people for terrorism and the war on terrorism. Bush has find the legal way by forcing the Congress to pass laws to detain and torture people arrested with terrorism and war on terror charges without access to lawyers or Justice. Pakistan corrupt police will now had the full approval from US government to detain torture anyone with terrorism charges without any proof. Pakistan police will use extreme tortured on these detainees who will confess all the false charges.

I am glad that Amnesty International has bring this to the attention of the world. Bush has turned US into police state with making it legal to detain and torture terrorism charges detainees. The most sad part of all this is that majority of mislead Americans believe all these brutal laws of torture detain spying with wiretapping is necessary for fighting “war on terror”.


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