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Pakistan – Afghanistan growing rift. History Culture and Analysis of the situation.

Posted by QB on September 28, 2006

The lastest hot news for CNN is Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and Kabul President Hamid Karzai. Wolf Blitzer interview Pervez Musharraf with last night sit down with Hamid Karzai and tried his best to escalate the tensions between two with playing the partial video of Pervez Musharraf. Hamid Karzai was very diplomatic and intelligently asnwered all Wolf Blitzer questions. CNN last night coveraged was dominated by Afhanistan Pakistan tensions until mid night ending with Anderson Cooper.

CNN coverage had all sorts of socalled experts on the issue who had their own opinions which mainly are due to their ignorance of the region culture traditions and tribal knowledge of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bob Grenier former head of CIA counterterrism analysis was most accurate and professional.

The recent peace deal, which Pervez Musharraf signed with tribal elders of North West Frontier Province, is getting all sorts of criticism from US socalled analysts reports and US military.

The NWFP majority of the population is Pashtoons with very close ties with Afghans Pastoons who are 53% of Afghanistan. The speak the same language, have the same culture and traditions and live their lives according to their tribal rules. These Pashtoons never recognized the broder betwee Afghanistan as they are used to crossing these borders for trade and social cultural reasons. This NWFP was independent even with whole India and present Pakistan was under British rule. These Pushtoons resisted very bravely with British troops to keep their independence.

Pakistan government never had the full control of some areas of NWFP which are controlled by Sardars and known as Federal Adminstrative Tribal Areas with representation in National Assembly and Senate by elections. These Pasthoons love their tribal way of life customs and traditions folllow the rules and laws set by their Sardars with no interference from Pakistan government.

This all changed when Pervez Musharraf decided to join Bush’s “war on terrorism”. Bush administration pushed Musharraf government to the wall pressuring them to take action in NWFP and the attack in Waziristan started all this fighting between Pakistan military and Pasthoons tribes when they attacked and killed hundreds of women, children, elderly by bombing their compounds and that all is done in “fight against terror’. The consequences of this attack were very disappointing for Pakistan military and rangers with hundreds of soldiers get killed. There was a report that these tribes had attacked and blown up eight Pakistan military and rangers trucks killing hundreds in one day, this was never reported by Pakistan news media.

Pakistan Military was facing fierce resistance since Waziristan attack and it became the political problem for Pervez Musharraf which could have resulted in an military coup or he had step down due to political unrest. Pervez Musharraf decision to sign peace deal with tribal elders is a bold step to keep himself in power, which is good for Pakistan as well as for the whole world.

Bob Grenier is the former head of the CIA’s counterterrorism center. “Each of those leaders and both of the countries have very complicated political situations. And what is perhaps of the greatest relevance to us is that neither leader controls all of his territory. And that’s where the problems of greatest concern to the United States really arise.”

Garnier further addded on poppy fields. Grenier says Karzai can’t go against poppy fields by choice, afraid to anger warlords who control the narcotics trade. He dare not alienate large elements of his population who are not currently alienated, given the fact that he already has a very large insurgency that he’s fighting. This is very accurate professional analysis of Afghanistan Pakistan situation.

Bush administration must know the limits not to pressure Pervez Musharraf on sensitive issues like insisting that US military has the right to take action on Pakistan territory. This will create anger and hatred against Musharraf with majority of Pakistan population and they will vote against these moderates and go for religious Mullahs political parties. Musharraff support for Bush’s “war on terror” has already cost him two provinces NWFP and Baluchistan. Musharraf government is better than the Mullahs take over government.

The US media and Bush adminstration portrayed Hamid Karzai as the popular democratically elected President of Afghanistan only had the control of Kabul with NATO and US military support. Karzai is Pashtoon and majority of Afghans, with the approval of Taliban, voted for him because of their rivalry with Tajiks. The reason for writing that Afghans voted with the approval of Taliban is that the elections went very smoothly without any violence.

The recent escalation in Taliban attacks is their last push before winter and there will be very low number of attacks during whole winter and they will again come back with attacks in spring. This is what is happening in Afghanistan from last five years and none of these socalled terrorism has poininted that out neither any of the military analysts ever accknowledged this fact.

Hamid Karzi himself if Afghan Pasthoon and he knows the nature of his people who don’t like occupation. Karzai knows that Afghans fight Russian invasion of Afghanistan for ten year. Karzai knows that Afghans would have fight Russians for if they had not withdrawn from Afghistan. Karzai knows that Afghan Pashtoons will keep fighting as long there are foreign troops on their land who are threathen their tribal way of life and culture. Karzai is denying these facts blaming it all on Pakistan for Taliban resistance is more political statements to gain more financial support from US government.

Karzai who is holding on to power from last five years have done nothing to improve the living coniditions of people living in Southern Afghanistan. The US news networks try to paint a very positive picture of Afghanistan by showing the video shops beauty parlours and brothels in Kabul without carefully listening to the common Afghans who still believe they were better under Taliban rule. Anderson Cooper interviewed some young Afghans in Jalalabad who praised Taliban for security and electricity. Karzai could have earned the respect and support of common Afghan by development work in the whole Afghanistan by providing them basic utilities electric and power. The security better economic conditions will somewhat bring down the Taliban support. These Pashtoons will always be more sympathic to Talibans over the foreigners who have occupied their land.

The resistance in Afghanistan will continue just like resistance in Iraq with foreign troops in these countries. Karzai know this better than me only he don’t want to admit the truth.

Karzai also wants Musharraf to close down all the madarsas in Pakistan which he believe are the breading grounds of terrorism.  This did not turn out to be the truth about madarsas after doing extensive research on internet. These madarsas help the young kids to learn to read and memorise Qur’an. Karzai should also demand to close down most radical Christian fundamentalists Liberty University of Rev. Jerry Falwell who is breading ground for fundamentalists Chrisitians scholars who love to kill “all Muslims in the name of Lord”.

Bush administration must not issue irresponsible statements about Pakistan which will destabilize Musharraf government. Bush administration foolish policies has helped Iraq to have Shi’ites religious government. Iran had Ahmadinejad who win over reformist Khatami on Anti America sologan.


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