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Iran refuses to stop uranium enrichment even for a day!!! Ahmadinejad

Posted by QB on September 28, 2006

Ahmadinejad said to Iran crowd that Iran will not stop its peaceful uranium enrichment program even for one day. Ahmadinejad criticizes US government for developing nuclear weapons who wants Iran to stop its peaceful purpose nuclear technology development.

The US Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Global Security Organization

Nuclear weapons and the United States – Wikipedia.

This is my own opinion about the Nuclear Weapons. All UN Security Council should take initiative and sign up NPT. The UN BIG FIVE must open its nuclear facilities for inspection by IAEA. They BIG Five must start getting rid of their Weapons of Mass Destruction in some systematic way. The BIG FIVE of UN Security Council members has developed the most destructive advanced WMD in the name of security is actually is very dirty tactics of using their power to have monopoly on WMD.

These BIG FIVE are fighting with all their bullying techniques so the other countries can’t have Nuclear Weapons. These BIG FIVE enjoy believe that they can control the world with their WMD power which is proved to be wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush administration is the worst case of paranoid who believe the rest of the world rulers are stupid who have links with terrorists can’t be trusted. Bush administration also believe that Muslim countries have no right to develop Nuclear Weapons that they see a clear threat for the existence of Israel. Bush administration has no objection on Israel Nuclear Weapons program they are not ashamed to block UN resolution against Israel to sign NPT.

The only government which the world can’t trust with these Nuclear Weapons is US, which is the only country in the world who actually used these weapons in Japan in WWII. There is a growing concern about the recent rise of Christian-ism in US which is so dangerous for Middle East and Muslim World that one day some crazy Elected Christian fundamentalist will not hesitate to use Nuclear Weapon in Middle East. The US mainstream media with the very popular Christian radical are very effectively promoting hate against Muslims and Middle East with their propaganda and biased reporting.

Get rid of all Nuclear Weapons or let all the countries have them for their own security.


2 Responses to “Iran refuses to stop uranium enrichment even for a day!!! Ahmadinejad”

  1. christian revival, distinct drum rhythm (2) something (6) cool operator (1)

  2. quranbible said

    Really don’t understand your comments. Thank you anyway.

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