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Polls : Iraqis want US troops out!!!

Posted by QB on September 27, 2006

Poll: Most Iraqis Want U.S. Troops Out Within a Year, Support for Attacks on U.S. Troops Rises to Six in 10; Al Qaeda Overwhelmingly Rejected, Majority

These are findings from a new poll for WorldPublicOpinion.org, conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland and fielded by KA Research Ltd. / D3 Systems Inc. Polling was conducted Sept. 1-4 with a nationwide representative sample of 1,150 Iraqi adults.

Seventy-one percent of Iraqis want their government to ask the U.S. to withdraw its forces within a year, but only half of these (37 percent) want the U.S. to withdraw within six months. A majority of Sunnis (57 percent) prefer U.S.-led forces withdraw in six months; a Kurdish majority says two years.

Confidence in Iraqi security forces is rising. Fifty-three percent now say Iraqi forces will be strong enough to deal with security challenges without foreign forces in six months (up from 39 percent in January). Sixty-four percent express confidence in the Iraqi army.

Support for attacks on U.S.-led forces has risen sharply, from 47 to 61 percent. This increase comes almost entirely from Shias (from 41 percent to 62 percent), and appears related to the view that the U.S. plans to maintain permanent bases in Iraq (77 percent).

Negative attitudes toward U.S. presence do not imply warm feelings toward al Qaeda. Ninety-four percent view al Qaeda unfavorably (82 percent very), including 77 percent of Sunnis. Osama Bin Laden is viewed unfavorably by 93 percent overall (Sunnis: 71 percent).

Steven Kull, director of PIPA comments, “What we are seeing is a growing desire for U.S.-led forces to withdraw in the near future, greater confidence that the Iraqi army can deal with the situation, and continuing concern that the U.S. has no plans to ever leave.”

This shows the true picture of Iraqi peoples feelings and opposition of the US occupation military. Bush regime will reject these polls with new lies. Bush will again start giving speeches about the “war on terror” and linking it to Iraq. These speeches are very well received by misinformed Americans who right now are in majority. These people are very fundamentalists simple Church going people who believe Bush is doing God’s job.

We have atleast two more years to see all this violence in Iraq and probably decades in Afghanistan, if US troops stayed there, without any change in policies. Bush will not change his “stay on the course” policy and Democrats are so weak to oppose him due to their cowardice. The only hope is the next general election with someone intelligent bold come forward from Democrats to make the necessary changes in US foreign policies.


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