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Hugo Chavez favorite to win December Election!!!

Posted by QB on September 27, 2006

The electoral panorama in Venezuela, with 20 presidential runners, is witnessing new actions aimed to attract followers for the different political forces.

Head of State Hugo Chavez, running for re-election and leading as favorite, has 60 percent support from the population, and the figure is likely to reach 70 percent.

However, he recalled electoral efforts must go on until the total victory of the Revolution, and announced a wide program of activities for the second phase of his campaign, beginning in October.

Marches and caravans throughout the country, with constant actions taking the message to every voter are part of the initiatives planned by the pro-Chavez organizations.

Meanwhile, supporters of Manuel Rosales, Chavez s main adversary, affirmed that by the end of November, their candidate will be ahead of the ruling party by a wide margin.

Rosales hopes to present his program on people s security this week, as well as the proposals he would implement if he wins the elections.

Source:Venezuela Election Steps up


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