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UN General Assembly 61th Session. Bolivian President Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2006


Thank you very much, President. Brothers presidents, sisters presidents, delegates, the 61 delegates to Ordinary Meeting of the United Nations. An enormous satisfaction to be present here in representation of my town, of my mother country, Bolivia and, specially, of the indigenous movement. I mean to them, after 500 years of scorn, hatred, in some times considered like savages, animals, in some regions condemned to the extermination. Thanks to that conscience and that rise and for that fight by the rights of the towns, I arrived where we arrived, to repair an historical damage. In order to repair the damages of 500 years. During the republic equally discriminated, marginalized, never they took into account that fight from the towns by the life, by the humanity, during the 20 last years with the application of an economic model, the neoliberalism, that continued the sacking to our natural resources, the privatization to the basic services. Convinced and we are convinced, the form to privatize the basic services is the best form to violate the human rights. And these small considerations do not force forces to me to that to say here the truth on the experience of those families, I come to express that feeling by the humanity of the towns, my town, come to express the suffering, product of a marginalization, an exclusion, come to mainly express that anticolonial thought of the towns that fight by the equality and justice. I mean to them delegated and delegated, lady president, who in my country we began to look for deep democratic and pacific transformations, we are in the stage of how to refundar Bolivia, to refundar Bolivia to unite to the Bolivians, to refundar Bolivia to integrate us more good still, all the sectors, regions of my country, to refundar Bolivia does not stop to take revenge to us with anybody, although we have been put under a discrimination, refundar Bolivia mainly to end that scorn, hatred to the towns. I say this because my mother commented to me, saying, that when went to the city it did not have right to walk in the main seats of the cities of my country, did not have right to walk by the sidewalks. But happily we have decided to happen of that social, union, communal fight, to an electoral fight to be them actors to solve the social problems, the economic problems, the structural problems, and there we are betting by this Constituent Assembly of refundacional, and wanted that the United Nations participate in this process of democratic Pacific change and, that the best thing than we can do by those left families, marginalized. Surely many countries have the same problem of my country, a country, a nation with as much wealth but also with as much poverty, the natural resources historically robbed, sacked, auctioned by the neoliberal governments, given to the transnational companies. The hour already arrived, now at the top of that fight of the towns by the power and territory, to recover, to recover those natural resources for the Bolivian State under the control of the towns. And when we spoke to recover our natural resources, under that dirty campaign of accusations they say to us that the Moral government of Evo is not going to respect the deprived property, I mean to them, in my government will be respected the private property. It is truth that we needed investment, we needed partners, nonpatterns, nonowners of our natural resources, we understand perfectly that an underdeveloped country needs investment, and I mean to them for the explanation worldwide of some preoccupations, of some false accusations, if the State to exert the right of property of a natural resource as it is the natural gas, the hydrocarbons, petroleum, because we did not expel to anybody, we did not confiscate to anybody. It will be respected, but it will be guaranteed that they recover its investment and that they must right to win but they will not win like before, of (heavy) later not solving the social problems in my country. I mean to them within that frame, I do not come to say to them thus govern or to threaten a country, or to begin with the agreements to a country, single I want like international organisms, State with solidarity like nations, principles of reciprocity, brotherhood that participate in this process of change in democracy. We have many desire, much interest that is conscience of this class of international forums, international meetings like the United Nations to contribute, to bet like changing pacifically. You know, specially here in North America like also in Europe, is much Bolivian people who go away in search of work, before were the European that they invaded to Latin America, specially to Bolivia, now seems that she has changed the situation, are the Latin Americans, or the Bolivians whom they are invading to Europe like before to the United States, why, because in this conjuncture, at this moment work sources are not generated. I mean that we want to bet to them of a right commerce, a commerce of the towns for the towns, a commerce which it solves the problem of work sources, that is important the commerce surely of the companies, but is more important the commerce, commerce for micro and small producers, for those cooperatives, those associations, the collective companies. She wanted, and it is the desire that we have, instead of which my sisters and brothers arrive at Europe that better than products arrive and nonhuman beings, and I believe that she has to do with a conscience in the international community, if we want to solve the immigration subject. I have information that our sisters and brothers do not go there to monopolizes thousands of hectares as before they got at Latin America to monopolize thousands of hectares, got to appropriate themselves our wealth, of our resource. I believe that it is important within that frame of the commerce, commerce, free call commerce including in my country they affect and they eliminate the great producers, agro-industrial, imaginense the agreement signed Colombia with the United States on the Free Trade Agreement, already clears market for the soyeros of the Bolivians, of the agro-industrial ones in Colombia I am convinced that it is important to matter what we do not produce and to export what we produce, and that yes would be a solution to the economic problem, to the use problem. I want to take advantage of this opportunity, lady president, who also is another historical injustice, to penalize to the cocaine leaf, mean to him, this is the green cocaine leaf, it is not the white that is the cocaine, this cocaine leaf that represents the Andean culture, a cocaine leaf that represents the medio.ambiente and the hope of the towns. It is not possible that the cocaine leaf is legal for the Cocaine Tail and the cocaine leaf is illegal for other medicinal consumptions in our country, and throughout the world. We mean to them, that the United Nations are important that they know that scientifically with the North American universities, with the European universities, has demonstrated that the cocaine leaf does not make damage to the human health. Moan by a custom or bad custom turns aside the leaf of cocaine to an illegal problem much, we are conscious of that, for that reason we said like producers of the cocaine leaf, will not have frees culture of cocaine, but there will be no zero of cocaine either. With the implemented previous policies, conditional zero of cocaine, zero of cocaine spoke is like speaking of zero of quechuas, aymaras, mojeños, chiquitanos in my country, that finished in our government, no matter how hard we are an underdeveloped country, a country that we have economic problems, product of the sacking of our natural resources. And we are now here to dignificar to us and began to dignificar to our country, and within that dignificación I mean to them, that the best contribution to the fight against the drug trafficking has been with a voluntary reduction, arranged without died nor hurt. Happily I have listened to the report of the United Nations, recognizes that honest, responsible effort in the fight against the drug trafficking, the seizures kidnaps drugs, to increase with 300 percents of greater effectiveness. Nevertheless, I yesterday listened to a report of the government of the United States, says, that they do not accept the cocaine cultures, and that put conditions to us for modifying our norms. I mean with much respect to the government of the United States, we are not going to change nothing, we did not need blackmails nor threats, the calls certification or descertificación of the fight against the drug trafficking simply is a recolonización instrument or colonization to the Andean countries, that we did not accept, that we did not allow. I want to say them that we have, and we needed an alliance fight against the real and effective drug trafficking but, that the war to drugs cannot be an instrument, a pretext so that they put under countries of the Andean region, as well as invented preventive wars to take part to some countries in the Middle East. We really needed it fights against the drug trafficking, and it summons the United Nations, I invite the government of the United States to do an agreement, an effective alliance of fight against the drug trafficking and that the war to drugs is used like pretext to dominate to us, or not to humiliate to us, or to try to seat military bases, in our country its pretext of fight against the drug trafficking. I also take advantage of this opportunity, in this process of change, we want justice, and that there is justice is important for our towns, but I feel that by means of the Constituent Assembly one is going away to decolonize the right to nationalize justice, true justice. That the people implied in the violation of the human rights, towns threatened armed interventions, that never justice will be there, we are forced like presidents, like Chiefs of State to like dignificar to the humanity ending impunity. And in the previous governments of my country, massacres to the people who fight by her economic vindications, by her natural resources, and it is not possible, genocidas, criminal corrupt, escape to live in the United States, to a country developed like the United States. I request with much respect, to expel to those genocidas, criminals, corrupt who come to live here, if they do not have anything to do, why they are not defended in Bolivian justice. I have the obligation, like president, of which these authorities are judged in Bolivian justice, and believe that no country, no Chief of State can protect, conceal the delinquents, to the genocidas. Hopefully with the support of the North American town, hopefully by means of the international organisms one judges to the people who have made as much damage economic, the human rights, because there will never be respect to the human rights. I have order of the permanent forum of the indigenous towns before the debates of the rights of the indigenous towns, before the debates of the rights of the indigenous towns were in the subcommission of the rights of the indigenous towns in Geneva of the United Nations, in the Organization of American States, but I have information that this debate arrived at this Maxima instance like the United Nations. I want to request to them to name of the indigenous towns of the world, specially of Abyalala now called America, that is urgent to approve the declaration of the rights of the indigenous towns of the world, the right to the self-determination, the right to live in community, in colectivity, the right to live in solidarity, reciprocity, and fundamentally the right to live in brotherhood. There are regions in communities no that deprived property are, is collective property, the indigenous towns single we want to live or, not more good, to live more good it is to explode, it is to sack, it is to rob, but to live or is to live in brotherhood, and for that reason it is most important, president, that the United Nations urgently after the decade of the indigenous towns this declaration of the rights of the indigenous towns is approved, the right to the natural resources, the right to take care of the medio.ambiente. Finally president, the indigenous towns, the poor men specially we are of the culture of the life and not of the culture of the war, and this millenium really is for defending the life and to save the humanity, and if we want to save the humanity we have the obligation to save to the planet earth, the indigenous towns we lived in harmony with the mother earth, not only in reciprocity, solidarity with the human being. We felt very many that the policies, the hegemonistas competitions are destroying to the planet earth, I feel that all the countries are important, social forces, international organisms, we begin to really debate to save to the planet earth, to save the humanity. This new millenium, the millenium in which we were must be a millenium of the life and not of the war, a millenium of the town and not of the empire, a millenium of justice and the equality, and any economic policy must be oriented to how finishing, or draining at least those differences called asymmetries from a country to another country, those social inequalities. Here one is not to implement political that allows to humiliate economically, or to sack economically, and when they cannot sack with norms, because troops use. I want to request with much respect, is important to withdraw of Iraq if we want to respect the human rights, is important to retire political economic that it allows to concentrate the capital in few hands. And for that reason, I feel president, who these events must be historical to change the world and to change economic models, political interventionists and mainly we want that they are times that allow to defend and to save the humanity. Thank you very much.

I will try to fix the grammer errors time permitting. I believe its readable.


2 Responses to “UN General Assembly 61th Session. Bolivian President Speech. Machine Translation.”

  1. Doctor Jon Platania said

    My name is Jon Platania PhD, I am a doctor of psychology and a soicial critic. I have deep experience in the treatment of drug addiction and it’s consequences. However, let me make it clear that I could not agree more with the assessment Moral Eva Ayma with regard to the indiginous use and culture of the cocaine leaf in its natural form. I am also a Yogi and a practicioner of Ayuveda, the ancient indiginous Indian theory and practice of healing. According to Ayuveda we humans ought to limit our consumption of all foods, medicines and nutrients using the following guidelines – Local, Organic, and Closest to the Sun. The problem with cocaine, as with heroine, is once again the problem of comodification and sale by the Industrialized world and more specifically the United States of America. The restriction of access to natural mood altering and healing substances is Big Business. International Pharmacy Companies are making hundreds of millions as a result of legislation that limited access to a handful of ‘approved’ Drug produces. Cocain, like opium was refined in order that it might be exported to rich countries. Drugs have been a part of the forgien policy of Colonialists for centuries. Witness what happened in China when the English found that addicting the local inhabitants worked to their advantage. Marijuana has been made illegal in the USA basically as a means of arresting, controlling and enslaving persons of African and Latin blood. The uneven inforcement of these laws has filled the prisons of the USA with minorities. Current US Drug policy is simply another tool of the Oppressor. Bravo the President of the Republic of Boliva. Viva de Revolutionario Bolivara!

  2. quranbible said

    Dr. Jon Platania welcome to my blog. This is the most intelligent comment on my blog and it is no suprise coming from a learned scholar like yourself. I agree with what you said regarding US oppression tactics.

    Personally I have no knowledge about Cocaine or any other drug. I am looking at the Bolivia political situation and it is sad to note that people who had vested interest are trying to fail this revolutionary socialist President Evo Morales. The people of Bolivia must realize that chaos demonstrations and bringing down Evo Morales government will be the victory for US and its big corporations.

    Stay united behind this President. Thank you for your comments.

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