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Saddam Hussein – US – Iraq and Bushes.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2006

xxxx-saddam-old-picture.jpgThere is another news that 21 Iraqis killed in suicide attach in Baghdad just like any other day from last three and half years with 19 more tortured bodies found in the city which is facing the worst Sectarian crises after US invasion and occupation.

Saddam Hussein coup was support by CIA and the US government to bring him into power. US government also supported a coup in Iraq against democratically elected government. Saddam Hussein Ba’ath Party was secular which is very appropriate for Iraq’s diverse Sectarian and Ethnic population. Saddam Hussein government dealt with the opposition strongly as this was the only way to keep Iraqis diverse population to keep under strict control. Iraq was going through very quick development phase with people enjoying the economic prosperity and socially they had the highest rate of literacy in the Arab World.

1963 — Iraq. The C.I.A. supports a coup in Iraq against the democratically-elected Qassim government.

1968 — Iraq. The C.I.A. successfully supports coup in Iraq against the government of Rahman Arif to bring the Ba’ath Party to power, with Saddam Hussein eventually taking the helm.

Saddam Hussein made grievous mistake of his political career by going into war with Iran with US government blessings which brought destruction and loss of human life for both neighboring countries. The US government considered Saddam Hussein their closest ally with supplying him the raw materials for Chemicals and Biological Weapons. Donland Remsfeld was proud American to have hand shaking photo op with Saddam Hussein.

The allegations against Saddam Hussein that he used chemicals weapons against Kurds which happened during Iraq Iran war. The CIA findings reports shows it was Iranian attack which killed Kurds not Saddam Hussein. This reported is included in my post on Saddam Hussein trial. This CIA report I believe to be true because Iran had more reasons to use Chemical Weapons against Kurds as they were causing internal trouble for their country with uprising during the war. Bush lied that Saddam Hussein has gased his own people. Saddam Hussein did not gased Kurds.

Saddam Hussein did another blunder of his political career with invasion of Kuwait and that happened during George H. W. Bush in White House. The US economy was in shambles during that time and George H. W. Bush decided to go and liberate Kuwait for billions of dollars to give economy the much needed boost. US liberated Kuwait and Americans were happy to have a clear victory in war after WWII because they want to forget about Vietnam.

This was the end of US and Iraq long friendly relationship. George H. W. Bush did not went to Iraq and the assessment of US policy makers were that Saddam Hussein can’t survive to hold on to Iraq power. The US used their another weapon against Saddam Hussein and Iraq by passing UN sanctions resolution and creating the No Fly Zone. Saddam Hussein responded that he will be the one victorious if he hold on to power. Saddam Hussein also had George H. W. Bush picture painted at the main entrance of Al Rashid hotel to humiliate the US President. These sanctions hurt the poor Iraqis rather than hurting Saddam Hussein. No Fly Zone was used as a tool for US and its allies to bomb Iraqi civilians whenever they want for political purposes with simple justification that they responded to Saddam Hussein violations.

George H. W. Bush lost election even after this glorious Kuwait victory to Bill Clinton but he had deep rooted hatred against Saddam Hussein. The majority of the world knows that George H. W. Bush’s son George W. Bush is not a very intelligent person who himself started hating Saddam Hussein like dad Bush.

George W. Bush dad’s dumb son got the power because of simple Al Gore mistakes. I followed the whole elections debates issues and my analysis was that George W. Bush will attack Iraq on his inauguration day to my friends who are all still alive and still well called me crazy. They still brush away my accurate analysis that 9/11 is the reason for Iraq invasion.

George W. Bush regime went to war and they were quick to claim victory with “mission accomplished”. Bush administration again had the wrong analysis of the Iraq Resistance by calling them “terrorists” “people who hate freedom and democracy” “few dead enders” “Saddam Hussein loyalists” without the knowledge of Iraq ethnic cultural social and sectarian division. Bush administration also try to spin Iraq invasion by another phrase “World is better place without Saddam Hussein” when they did not find any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The funny thing is that there is not a single person that I found to refute this absurd phrase.

Iraq was no threat to the US or the neighboring countries. There was no violence. There were no links between Saddam Hussein. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. There was no presence of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Bush illegal invasion has brought deaths and destruction in Iraq. Bush administration has helped these Shi’ites to gain power which is the main cause of all these sectarian killings and violence. Iraq invasion did not make this world better place. Bush invasion of Iraq is creating more terrorists.

World was infact a better place with Saddam Hussein in power.


4 Responses to “Saddam Hussein – US – Iraq and Bushes.”

  1. Sorry said

    Hey, My sincere apologies to all those whom I spammed. Wont do it in future. This is the last spam.

  2. Green Data said

    Now, the Salafis/Baathis message has been delivered, they are doing all thses massacres in order to make people say “World was infact a better place with Saddam Hussein in power”!
    It’s really sad to see people thinking this way. I am with you that the US invasion to Iraq was illegal, and there were no daily suicide bombs before, but still Saddam is the worst ruler of Iraq, and he commited thousands of massacres if not more, and the mass graves are a good proof of his brutal age.

  3. quranbible said

    Please read Saddam Hussein trial. There are two posts on this topic. Saddam did not used Chemical Weapons on Kurds and this is what was reported by CIA after ivestigating this attack. Bush again lied using “Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on his own people” lie to invade Iraq.

  4. Anonymous said


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