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Suicide Attacks.

Posted by QB on September 25, 2006

The suicide attack is the hot topic for US and European politicians, ignoring the real cause of these attacks The general understanding shared by majority of the people that it is written in Qur’an that anyone who kill innocent people will directly go to heaven and receive 72 virgin female companions as a reward. I don’t have read the huge volumes of Sunnis Shi’ities hadith books (Sunni Shi’ite Talmud) like I did not read the Talmud. I will be glad to analyze this story if someone provide me the reference.

Non religious reason for a person to become a suicide bomber.

  • A suicide will only take his own life when death seems to him better than life. This can happen to anyone who has no reason to live. Depression take over with all the negative thoughts coming into mind to take his own life.
  • A suicide bomber has no economic social reason to live. No job, no hope for better future.
  • All humans live in hope of better tomorrow no matter what troubles they are facing presently there always remain hope that the things will be better tomorrow. A suicide bomber will be willing to take his life for revenge purpose.Keeping in mind two above mentioned reasons the other factor which is very important is to take his own life killing as many as he can to take revenge for the destruction of his house, killing one of all of his loved ones. Revenge takes away the logical reasoning from a person. This is the most important factor when person have no reason to live.

Bush and company which includes Cheney Rumsfeld Condoleezza Rice love to called these suicide attacks “terrorism” without looking at their own state run terrorism with their bombing of Afghanistan and Iraqi cities killing tens of thousands innocent civilians which mostly were children, women, elderly unarmed civilians. Israel do the same and try to justify all their civilian bombing of Palestine and Lebanon with fight on terrorism.

The US is facing the fierce resistance from Iraqis who have lost everything their houses, their children, their brothers and sisters, their parents destroyed in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”.

Israel claim that they want peace but they actions does not match their words. They have to give Palestinians hope for better future to achieve peace. There was no suicide attacks when Bill Clinton was engaged with negotiations with Israel and Palestine, the Intifada stared when these negotiations failed.

Bush did nothing to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. Israel and Palestine peace plan died when Bush took over the White House.


2 Responses to “Suicide Attacks.”

  1. Intelligent person said

    You might want to think about editing your post. There’s hardly any punctuation and there are many misspelled words.

  2. QB said

    Thanks you Intelligent person, Rumsfeld the only misspelled word on this post. Who cares about Rumsfeld speling or Dick’s name spelling. They are monsters.

    This is very old post, changed the first line and really don’t feel like getting into this topic again, so will leave it like it is now.

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