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Sadr City Again a Militants’ Haven. Washing Post.

Posted by QB on September 25, 2006

Sadr city is under Muqtada Al Sadr militia Mahdi Army. The violence can’t be controlled because Muqtada Al Sadr had 30 seats in Iraq Assembly and they have five ministries in the Government. The Shi’ite Prime Minister who himself is Shi’ite must have the soft corner for these militants. These all sectarian violence is the result of Bush administration illegal invasion of Iraq, they go in with misconceptions that they will be greeted as liberators, Iraqi Oil will pay for the cost of invasion.

They were and are not greeted as liberators it was Sunni Resistance which start their attacks immediately after the occupation and now Shi’ites are joining in to take aim at US military besides carrying their attacks against each other by torturing and killing innocent people. US military is in deep trouble because now they have to face the attacks from Sunnis and Shi’ites and this is what John Martha is warning Bush administration from last one year. Martha has faced personal attacks from Republicans for being a coward who is asking US to cut and run.

According to my own analysis Martha plan is the only solution for all the violence and killings in Iraq withdrawing US military completely from that occupied country. I have also written that Gen. John Abizaid one sentence tell the real story about Iraq situation that the situation require political solution.

Al Qaeda will claim US military withdrawal as their greatest victory but unfortunately there is no solution for Bush Iraq mess. Bush will insists to stay on the course policy but Americans don’t have any big hope left in Iraq war and the polls clearly reflects that majority of the population now believe that Iraq is distraction from “war on terror”.

Sadr City Again a Militants’ Haven. Washing Post.


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