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Hugo Chavez Latin America’s Strong Leader.

Posted by QB on September 25, 2006

Hugo Chavez who claim to be the friends of American people wish that they will elect a better President in next general elections.

Chavez also called Bush’s policies in Iraq criminal, adding he hopes Americans will before long “awaken” and elect a better president. The Venezuelan leader said that while he opposes Bush, the American people “are our friends.”

Chavez also announced that Citgo, the U.S.-based refining arm of Venezuela’s state-run oil company, plans to more than double the amount of discounted heating oil it is offering Americans this winter to 380 million litres, up from 150 million litres.

“This will go a long way for a lot of families,” said Ian Erlich, a leader of the Alaska Intertribal Council who said many people struggle to afford heating oil where he lives in Kotzebue, Alaska, north of the Artic Circle.

Chavez started the heating oil program last winter, accusing Bush of neglecting the poor. Citgo says up to 1.2 million people will benefit this winter.

Hugo Chavez opponents claim that he is using oil for political purposes. Chavez’s opponents at home accuse him of squandering the country’s oil wealth through preferential oil deals overseas aimed at strengthening political alliances. But Chavez said he has giving away nothing, and that Venezuela also gains by receiving everything from cattle to medical equipment in exchange for oil shipments to Latin American countries.

Hugo Chavez reply shows that he care more of sharing Venezuela oil resources by sharing it with poor South American countries.
“We’re sharing the bread to try to live a bit better, with solidarity,” said Chavez, who also defended Bolivia’s right to cultivate coca for uses other than cocaine.

Chavez, a leading critic of the Bush administration, repeated his warning that if the U.S. government tries to oust him, his country would halt oil shipments. Chavez said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s position is the same, and that if a bombardment of Iran triggers such a move, “the price of oil could reach US$200 a barrel.”

He added that he’d like to see a U.S. president “who you could talk with.”

Bush administration don’t believe in talking with the “evil” opponents who criticise his policies. Hugo Chavez will face the Venezuela people in upcoming elections in December. The majority of the world population including me want to see him get reelected for the second term.


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