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Hugo Chavez – US wars creating more terrorists!!!

Posted by QB on September 24, 2006

Hugo Chavez said this during his visit to US and United Nations which made the US politicians very unhappy because they are running their mid term election campaign on “war on terror” and linking it to Iraq. I agree completely with Hugo Chavez and if anyone read my posts carefully they will find out my own opinion is the same that US invasions has made the world more dangerous palace.

The following is Intelligence report which confirm that Iraq war is creating more terrorists.

Intel: War has worsened terror threat

Republicans are reacting with same old rhetoric using same phrases that US has to fight this “war on torror” in Iraq to keep the America safe.

These politicians who are trying to keep their Senate and House seats by misguiding the common misinformated Americans that these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have no way out and US troops are stuck in these two countries for decades. There is no sign that US will claim absolute victory in Iraq and Afghanistan when looking at Gen. John Abizaid statement that military option is not the solution it has to be political. Gen. John Abizaid statement clearly provide the evidence that US military is not winning in Iraq neither its winning in Afghanistan and the General is expecting for any political compromise so that US can claim victory and get out of Iraq. The US withdrawal from Iraq will intesify the battle in Afghanistan as these fighting forces will divert their manpower and all its resources there to create Iraqi like conditions.

It is now the time US politicians tell the truth to Americans than tell them years latter.


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