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Afghanistan war will lasts for decades.

Posted by QB on September 24, 2006

Blair: Afghan war tougher than expected News Headline.

Blair said on BBC that Afghanistan war is tougher than everyone expected. The reason he give is that Talibans have come back to southern Afghanistan.

“The whole reason we’ve gone into that as part of the NATO force under the U.N. resolution is because it is essential for the Taliban and al-Qaida to come back into the southern part of Afghanistan and it’s essential for us to keep them out,” Blair said.

Over the last few months, southern Afghanistan has seen some of the fiercest fighting since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 toppled the Taliban regime. Blair’s government has had to cope with charges by middle-ranking officers in Afghanistan that ground troops have not received adequate air support and other backing.

On Thursday, Maj. Jon Swift said in a message from Afghanistan that, “The scale of casualties has not been properly reported and shows no sign of reducing.” His comments were posted on a regimental Web site, but were quickly withdrawn, the BBC reported.

There are also complaints about Royal Air Force that they are useless missing their targets and putting Britain troops at risks. Blair government is trying to defend themselves against the allegations that they are hiding the casualties of British troops in Afghanistan.

CNN reported few days back that US military too is facing a fierce fight which is more dangerous than Iraq and the number of these attacks are increasing. This is Talibans final push before winter when the number of attacks on NATO will go down until next spring. NATO and the US military will claim again that they have defeated the Talibans and Al Qaeda which will not be the true assessment of Afghanistan Talibans and Al Qaeda. NATO and US has to face this resistance as long as they are there which could be decades.

This is my own analysis after watching Anderson Cooper and Nic Robertson live from Afghanistan to commemorate 9/11 anniversary. There is a very deep sympathy for Talibans in Southern Afghanistan and the common Afghans believe they have the better living conditions under their government. The young Afghans told CNN that there were schools free clinics and electricity during Taliban rules. They were better protected by Tablibans strict laws. Talibans also had destroyed all the opium cultivation making it illegal under their rule.

The Afghanistan under NATO and US occupation is enjoying the high opium crop cultivation with high production and export of heroin. The rest of Afghanistan is not under the control of Karzai or NATO and US troops. Karzai only had control of Kabul and Talibans and Al Qaeda are smart enough to know this fact. The Talibans and Al Qaeda are in no rush or any time frame to try to defeat the foreign troops with any time limits.

Afghanistan war is not over I believe it is just the beginning of a very very long war.


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