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Ahmadinejad – US change its attitude!!!

Posted by QB on September 24, 2006

This is what Ahmadinejad said that US government has to change its attitude to start negotiations and everything will be put on the table including uranium enrichment.

“If they change their behavior, it is possible to talk about everything,” the Iranian leader told The Washington Post. “It’s the attitude and the approach of some American politicians that ruin things.”

Asked if Iran was willing to take any steps to suspend uranium enrichment, Ahmadinejad responded to the Post: “We think that the American politicians should change their attitudes. If they think that by threatening Iran they’ll have results, they are wrong.”

Ahmadinejad statements clearly shows the Iran is no threat to US or its ally Israel and they have the peaceful energy for their Nuclear technology. The problem we are facing today is the most corrupt brainless regime in White House who simply don’t believe in diplomacy and negotiations. Bush regime is trying to enforce their doctrines by force by their close minded approach by closing all the negotiation doors. They don’t wanted to talk to Iran government which is elected by the majority of the Iranians claim to be the oppressive regime. They reject to open talk with Hamas which were very democratically elected by Palestinians which they consider as “terrorist” organization will not solve any problem in Middle East but it certainly will make it worst.

Bush regime has two more years and we all have to wait and wish for regime change in US for better peaceful world.


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