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James McGreevey Gay Ex Governor.

Posted by QB on September 23, 2006

The news networks are giving extensive coverage of ex gay Governor who has published his sins in his latest book. James McGreevey who cheated his wife with another man and have to resign from office is divorced and his partner went to Israel after their affair was made public is coming back into lime light. He was on Larry King live and I did not watch the program so don’t know what he said exactly but have an idea he must be admitting his sexual activities to promote his book.

This is really something very funny CNN which only give few minutes to report Iraq and Afghanistan wars is helping this guy to promote his sexual memoirs. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are very unpopular and Americans hate to admit and see that their military is not that strong and is not actually wining in Iraq or Afghanistan. The gay issue will sell very well with the public either they are in-favor of it or against it controversy sells best on air.


2 Responses to “James McGreevey Gay Ex Governor.”

  1. David said

    Simpler than that. Americans are fascinated with seeing the rich, powerful or simply famous FALL. No matter what the reason. C;mon, Michael Jackson? We loathe him, love him, and can’t get enough of him. Yet “Go Away!”

  2. quranbible said

    LOL. Very true.

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