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Posted by QB on September 23, 2006

This provides a comprehensive analysis of the likely nature of US or Israeli military action that would be intended to disable Iran’s nuclear capabilities. It outlines both the immediate consequences in terms of loss of human life, facilities and infrastructure, and also the likely Iranian responses, which would be extensive.

An attack on Iranian nuclear infrastructure would signal the start of a protracted military confrontation that would probably grow to involve Iraq, Israel and Lebanon, as well as the USA and Iran. The report concludes that a military response to the current crisis in relations with Iran is a particularly dangerous option and should not be considered further. Alternative approaches must be sought, however difficult these may be.

Read the paper online IRAN: CONSEQUENCES OF A WAR – Paul Rogers

The other factor is radical Christians who are so enthusiastic about Middle East wars because according to their religious belief it will bring Jesus back and they will have their rapture. The most fanatical Christian who are in support of wars in Middle East included Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pastor Hagee and maybe the new Pope.

This is my own analysis of regarding US air strike or invasion of Iran. Consequences of Iran Air Strike.

Ahmadinejad must have analysed the situation better then me as I find him to be very intelligent talking to journalists.



  1. wickedtrio said

    Here are some more really good sources on Iran and US sabre rattling:

    [2] http://cns.miis.edu/pubs/week/040812.htm

    A Preemptive Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities: Possible Consequences

    By Sammy Salama and Karen Ruster
    Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterrey Institute of International Studies 12 August 2004, updated 9 September 2004

    An attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in Bushehr, Arak, and Natanz, could have various adverse effects on U.S. interests in the Middle East and the world. Most important, in the absence of evidence of an Iranian illegal nuclear program, an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by the U.S. or Israel would be likely to strengthen Iran’s international stature and reduce the threat of international sanctions against Iran. Such an event is more likely to embolden and expand Iran’s nuclear aspirations and capabilities in the long term.

    [3] http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=DAR20060821&articleId=3027

    Iranian War Games: Exercises, Tests, and Drills or Preparation and Mobilization for War?

    by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

    August 21, 2006

    Maybe you can use this for another post, I enjoy reading your blog.

    Neal Hughes, “Wicked Trio” at Screeching Rats!

  2. quranbible said

    Thank you Neal Hughes for the links. I sure will look at them and thank you of liking my blog. Wicked Trio sounds interesting, check it today.

  3. Markus

    It was quite useful reading, found some interesting details about this topic. Thanks.

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