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Hugo Chavez statement from Venezuela!!!

Posted by QB on September 23, 2006

Hugo Chavez went home safely and he called US imperialist Bush “war on terror” is creating more terrorists. Bush Iraq invasion has created more terrorists.

This time, President Chavez was criticizing the U.S. policy on terrorism, saying, in fact, that the situation with the war on terrorism is one that has created more terrorists, according to Chavez.

After firmly planting himself on the world stage with incendiary words about President Bush, Hugo Chavez is back — back in Venezuela, dedicating a new industrial complex. He boasts of improving his country’s economy, and calls U.S. policies a failure.

The imperialist government of the United States now says that we have failed, that we are the ones who have failed. The U.S. government has failed everywhere one looks. Hugo Chavez claimed to be the friends of American people who will provide 100 million gallons of heating oil for low income families in US. Hugo Chavez also said that he will be first one to extend his hand for better relations with US with the next President wether that would be Conservative or Liberal.

Hugo Amigo you exactly are repeating my words. Great minds think alike.


18 Responses to “Hugo Chavez statement from Venezuela!!!”

  1. Perhaps it would be easier to believe Mr. Chavez if his own country weren’t squandering in poverty. As to his “generosity” I find it highly suspect. Given reports of the ‘rally’ held regarding this matter it seems Mr. Chavez was being generous to score political points.

    As to his ‘speech’ at the United Nations, it was the height of poor manners (to say the least) – a person who has no compunction about going to a foreign country and availing themselves of food, transportation, accomodations and an international forum provided by said country – shouldn’t spit in the faces of the people who paid for his ride. American taxpayers pay for that multi-billion dollar building, accomodations, etc so these folks can come and insult us?

    As to the Imperial government of the United States – if that’s true, why do the folks who complain the loudest always have their hands out and expect America to give them money? I’ve noticed that despite all the bluster and vehemence spewed about my country, not one of those spewers says no when it comes to foreign aid. So, really who is the hypcrite here?

    If you (I mean the collective you, of course) hate my country, my government, my president so much, why not stand on principle and refuse our ‘aid’? At least then, I could consider taking you seriously.

  2. quranbible said

    You are saying that anyone who is citique of Bush administration stupid polices of invasion hates America. This is very common misconception of shared by majority of Americans who are duped by the media propaganda of good and evil. I don’t hate America, Chavez don’t hate America, Ahmadinejad don’t hate America, Fidel Castro don’t hate America, new Bolivian President who also was very critical of US policies do not hate America. All these people hate us oppressive policies.

  3. quranbible said

    FYI all the degnatries pay for their own boarding and lodging. There are are few ignorant Americans who are want the UN offices to be shifted to Venezuela with the same ignorant view that its irrelevent like they did when they did not get the UN approval for Iraq invasion.

  4. You forget that Americans elect their leaders. You insult them, then you insult us. And there is a difference between criticism and insults. If President Bush had gone to Venuzeula and made the same comments about Chavez there would have been utter outrage, so don’t pretend this is merely criticism of U.S. policies because it isn’t.

    Actually, they did get UN approval of Iraq invasion – there were several resolutions previous to the invasion so stop with the utter propaganda.

    As to your pals and whether they hate America or not – do you have some personal knowledge of this? Are they on your speed-dial or something?

    And are you kidding about the media? They are on your side – so if there has been any duping it is in the direction of Chavez and not the reverse.

    And I didn’t call you any names, so I’d appreciate it if you could refrain from calling me ignorant or any other names. I am simply having a debate with you, there is no need to stupe to name-calling.

    And I’m right there with the people who would like to see the United Nations go elsewhere. It is an ineffective body that serves no one. I’d be happy to take the billions that America spends on that real estate and maintenance of same and see it spent on something that actually serves this country – rather than making it a bully pulpit for ‘leaders’ of other countries to insult my country.

  5. quranbible said

    Annan said the war was “not in conformity with the Security Council, with the U.N. charter.” When asked, “It was illegal?,” Annan replied: “Yes, if you wish,” adding: “I have indicated it is not in conformity with the U.N. Charter; from our point of view and from the Charter point of view, it was illegal.”

    Now you will call Kofi Annan anti American. The problem with majority of Americans is that they are the most misinformed people. There are still 45% of Americans who believe that Saddam has some connection with 9/11 and US did find WMD in Iraq. This majority is a real hurdle in electing good intelligent politicians into office.

  6. When you use the term ‘illegal’ you infer that the U.N. has some authority over the United States and you are wrong. The U.N. does not run this country and if we deem that our national security is at risk, then we have a right to defend ourselves whether or not you think so.

    Kofi Annan is a joke.

    45% of Americans believe Saddam has some connection to 9/11? Really, are you a pollster now, too? You are so knowledgeable about my country, I’m curious as to how you are on the inside track on all of this. Please share with me.

    It’s interesting to me that you folks who love to talk about how ignorant, superstitious and stupid Americans are, seem to overlook the fact that we are the most successful country in the world. We have the greatest freedoms in the world, the best of everything. Do you think that happened by accident? Do you think that happened because we all happened to land on the same landmass?

    Go ahead and think what you want about Americans. And spew your hatred. I thought I could actually have an intelligent debate with you but I see it is impossible. You are just playing a game of put down and aren’t even remotely willing to entertain a view other than your own. You’ve made your mind up – I am just another stupid American.

    Good luck with your worldview – I hope you two are very happy together.

  7. quranbible said

    These polls are conducted by CNN and many others. The problem is lack of information. I have heard this plenty of times that UN is irrelevent when rushing to invade Iraq based on Bush lies and deceptions. I am really not surprised with your opionion and one sided approach of looking at all the issue and i.e. American point of view without even trying to understand the opinion of the majority of world population. Also look at the polls that America ratings in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Reason foreign policies.

  8. Dear Writer Chick,

    I agree it was bad manners of Chavez, but view it in the context of this administration’s flagrant disregard of international law, human rights, sovereignty and dignity of peoples everywhere.

    I think I’d prefer Chavez’s plain talking to the Bush maladministration’s policies any day.

    Many of us see what QuranBible points out – that Chavez rightly rails against this administration, not the American people.

    My own American friends would dispute that Bush was elected. He was sellected not elected the first time, and thanks to demonstrably faulty Diebold machines, not in the realm of conspiracy theory that the second election was stolen too.

    I have a deep love and respect for the American people I know, especially those internationalists who see that it is not handouts to give aid to other countries in need, but merely giving something back for what the US collectively takes (5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of the world’s resources – and invading countries to maintain that status quo). I think QuranBible is right on the money.


  9. Dear Ann,
    I find it hard to believe you have a deep respect and love for the American people based on your comments. The idea that a country, group or person ‘owes’ any other country, group or individual something because they happen to have worked for it, is ludicrous and socialist. We are a capitalist nation – I’m sure you don’t like that – which is fine, but that is the principle upon which my country was built.

    Bush was not selected he was elected. It matters not that it was 1 vote or 1 million – again it was done according to our election laws in our country. And if you care to research you will find that even the ‘unofficial’ recounts done by countless newspapers and other liberal organizations concur that in fact, he won the election according to our laws. Despite the fact that news organizations were calling the election before the polls were closed and many people didn’t vote based on the premature calling of the election, Bush still won. Despite the fact that 80% of our military votes were thrown out, Bush still won. Despite the fact that liberals want to believe their own fantasy of what happened, Bush still won.

    To believe the diebold ‘theory’ goes beyond rational thought. You have to assume that the company that made the machines had to know that Bush would lose and would preprogram them so he would win – and why the hell would they?

    And for you to sit there and lecture me about international law and human rights is ridiculous. First of all, the United States is not part of some one-world order, where the UN runs the show – we have our own laws. And we have freed more people in the world then any other nation in history. You think the 60 million people who now have the right to vote and elect their own government are pissed because Saddam isn’t around to rape, murder and maim them anymore? You want to talk about human rights? How about beheadings? How about Darfur? How about Rwanda? How about Nazi Germany? How about Milosevic? Stalin? And so on?

    You believe what you want because it fits your own pardigm – fine, you’re entitled. But don’t you think you’d be kind of pissed if I came out and lectured you about your country? Have I? No.

    Anyway, it’s been real and it’s been fun but I can’t say it’s been real fun.

    I’m glad you and cb are in agreement – that makes two of you.

  10. quranbible said

    Writer Chick read the following news. Voting machines voting is open to all sorts of fraud because of no check and balances. Open for hacking. No paper trail to ensure the integrity of machine voting.
    The Associated Press
    TRENTON, N.J. – Some 8,000 electronic voting machines should not be used by state residents on Election Day because they are unreliable, according to a lawsuit filed by a law professor Tuesday.
    The lawsuit, which asks a judge to forbid use of the machines, raises the specter of the 2000 Florida election controversy and could affect how 3 million New Jersey residents cast their ballots.
    Penny M. Venetis, an attorney and law professor with the Constitutional Litigation Clinic at Rutgers University, filed the lawsuit on behalf of a state assemblyman and two advocacy groups, Coalition for Peace Action and New Jersey Peace Action.
    The suit claims there is no process for verifying that votes cast on electronic machines used in New Jersey are recorded properly and that results easily can be manipulated.
    “Plaintiffs bring this lawsuit to ensure that every vote counts in the upcoming November 2004 election and that the Florida election debacle of 2000 is not replicated in New Jersey,” the complaint says. “Those machines cannot be relied upon to protect the fundamental right to vote.”
    There are many States who want to ban touch screen voting.

  11. Please remove my comments from your blog. I don’t want to be associated with it in any way. Thank you.

  12. quranbible said

    Writer Chick why so close minded approach? We here have only honest disagreement on the issue which certainly will not make you unpatriotic.

  13. QB, you have engaged in good faith and WC seems intent upon imputing only the worst intentions where none exists, using many assumptions and accusations (you’re lecturing me, we believe capitalism is bad) setting up straw men and refuting them, no wonder its not fun.

    Thank you QB for directing evidence and common sense at these charges, delivered by WC with a tone of hate and intolerance of other views.

    And its you, me and the majority of the rest of the world who are skeptical about America’s freedom-bringing claims they arrogate (as we know, most Iraqis want US troops OUT, they have had enough of “liberation”) as well as enlightened Americans.

    That’s right, don’t mention Haditha, don’t mention whole countries laid to waste and their civil societies destroyed and museums looted by US troops. When WC becomes more openminded and opens her eyes to all the destruction this out of control hegemon has wrought (but also the potential good it could be doing in its stead), then we’ll truly have genuine dialogue.

  14. Anonymous said

    I trust Kofi Anan ten times over Bush. The United Nations is an organization respected around the world except by the government of the USA. Bush’s arrogancy and disrespect for others is a shame. And shame also to the people who elected him.

  15. quranbible said

    Thanks Ann.Very nice comments.

  16. quranbible said

    😀 Anonymous I agree with you.

  17. You guys crack me up. You accuse me of the very things you are doing. I’m not open-minded, yet none of you will entertain anything I said either – so how does that give you the moral high-ground?

    Ann, you don’t know me, what I think or why I think it – nor do you care to try. I could say the exact things about you that you have said about me. But what is the point? You haven’t changed my mind and I haven’t changed yours. This is what I would call an impasse. Why would I continue beating my head against a wall when there is no point to it?

    This was never a debate it was just people opposing each other – after a while it gets boring.

    So go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. Have a ball. Have a good time. You didnt’ succeed in changing my mind – you only reinforced what I believe. Perhaps that is the problem – perhaps you think that your argument is persuasive when it isn’t. At least not to me.

    So maybe you should just move on to the next person who disagrees with you and see if you can persuade them.

  18. quranbible said

    Writer Chick

    What were you points? I hate America, I don’t know anything about America, I am making up the polls, polling machines are the best way of voting.

    Ann and I am saying what is supported by very large American population.

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