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Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

Posted by QB on September 22, 2006

Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

This is the most stupid news headline which catch my attention. These Sunni Shi’itie clerics are dumb and stupid who open their mouths and nothing come out of it but garbage. This is absurd to call for the removal of Pope, don’t they know that Pope is elected as the spiritual leader of Catholic for lifetime. Pope is the holy father to Catholics who they love to follow his all actions and words.

I have a demand of my own to remove Grand Satan Sistani from his Ayatollah position. Ayatollah, for those who don’t know means the sign of God. The is the highest religious position someone can hold with Shi’ite Religious Hierarchy. Ayatollahs are just like mini Pope with Shi’ites because there are numerous for each region and country. These Sunnis and Shi’ites religious scholars are Fatwas producing machines goes into deep silence when the violence is sectarian. Hypocrisy.

I demand to remove Grand Satan Sistani from Ayatollah position due to his criminal silence over sectarian violence and killings. I did not heard a word from this Grand Satan who can stop all these killings simply with issuing a statement. Grand Satan silence is kind of approval for Shi’ites to keep killing Sunnis so they can have the complete control of Iraq.

Pope stupidity bring us to new division hatred against each other. What have you done you old man, you must have lost all your thinking abilities clogged due to your age.

These Sunnis Shi’ite religious scholars have to lean a lot from Western Democracies and Christianity how to kill people in the name of God and religion with politely with smile on their faces.


2 Responses to “Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.”

  1. mewe said

    u cant say dat on da net!!!!!!!!!!

  2. quranbible said

    What can’t I say on internet is not very clear in your message. Can you please post your comments again and say whatever is on your mind decently. Thanks for the comment which I did not understand.

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