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Pope is hypocrite.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

According to Delia Gallagher that this iss the second time Pope Benedict explained his quote of medieval emperor who described Islam as violent and inhuman. But it wasn’t the apology some Muslim leaders were hoping for.Pope said. I did not in any way wish to make my own negative words which were pronounced by the medieval emperor in this dialogue. And its contained polemic did not express my personal convictions.

Pope is killing the Religious Harmony developed by Pope John Paul II. The following is good animiated cartoon on Al Jazeera.

The Vatican has been attempting serious damage control, printing the pope’s regrets in Arabic on the front page of the Vatican newspaper. And instructing its representatives to explain the pope’s words to Muslim leaders. I believe Muslims leaders are not so stupid that they need explaination of Pope’s words.

This is what Andrew Sallivan said on Anderson Cooper last night replying Anderson’s question. Well, he’s telling what he thinks is the truth. Which is that Islam and Christianity are based in very different ideas of God. And, as he understands it, and that’s what, regardless of this inflammatory quote, what he was really saying, is that Christianity is based in the Greek notion of logos, of reason, and Islam is not.

And therefore, it’s very hard to have a dialogue. And therefore, the only way you can have a dialogue is between cultures, not faiths. That’s quite a radical thing for him to say. It’s certainly not in any way diplomatic.

It is true that Muslims pray to the same One God of Abraham, Moses, Noah and Catholics have differnt gods and they are more close to Paganism rather than following the true message of Jesus Christ. They pray to Marry who they call the Mother of God, they pray to Jesus as God, they pray to their Saints and they pray to Pope as the Holy Father. Pope is right that we can’t compare Islam and Catholic religion but it is arrogant to claim that they are only one who are on the right path. Pope did said nothing about the Judaism God who are praying to the same God of Muslims.

Andrew Sallivan futher added that Pope is saying that the Muslim world has a problem with violence and compulsion and religion, and they respond by threatening violence against him, then it doesn’t exactly disprove his point.

The problem is that the pope is really intellectual. He’s always a theologian. If you read his writings across the decades, he’s always been a very provocative. Pope is not a diplomat.

Pope can’t be a intellectual. The comments shows his stupidity and radical views about Catholic religion were no way near to any intelligence.

The truth that Catholics are radical who believe in compulsion promoting their religion with missionaries with their fanatical message salvation is only through Jesus. The god, son of god and the holy spirit.

What Qur’an say about compulsion?

2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. Qur’an Chapter Two.
Andrew Salliven also said that Pope is not a diplomat. It’s also courageous of him to say if Islam is fomenting — even if it’s an extreme version of it, even if it’s perversion of Islam — if it’s fomenting violence and Islam has to come to terms with that, it isn’t up to the west to apologize for that. It’s up to Islam to deal with it. Courageous.Anderson Cooper pointed that there was an awful lot of stuff that went on, the inquisition, lots of things, which he never sort of mentioned.

Andrew Sullivan reply. Yes. And he’s very good at that, of course. I mean, he’s bypassed the church’s own murderous history. I mean, what Christianity, what the crusades did to Muslims, and indeed, what Christianity to one another in the Middle Ages and indeed during the Reformation is just as violent, if not much more violent, than what we’re seeing today in the Muslim world.

Pope that means is a hypocrite by brining the stupid quotes and misleading information about Islam and Muslims. Catholics and all religions who bring the death punishment for anyone leaving Islam is infact taken from Old Testament and I am sure Pope have read and understand the Bible.
Death Punishment for Apostate?

Sunni and Shias religious scholars are stupid to have this punishment writen in their Sharia Laws associated with false story attributed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This is my questions to Sunni and Shias religious scholars.

When will you realize that you are following the punishment laws of Old Testament?

Is this not the right time to revise all these laws?

Is there really punishment for the person who is leaving Islam?

Yes the punishment will be with God on the judgement day and He maybe punish that person in this world.

16:106 Any one who, after accepting faith in God, utters Unbelief,- except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith – but such as open their breast to Unbelief, on them is Wrath from God, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty.

Sunnis and Shias mental slaves to their religious scholars when you all will open your mind to see the truth.


9 Responses to “Pope is hypocrite.”

  1. European Leftish and Baptized disbeliaver said

    Your views are biezed. You should read all the Pope’s speech. (availiable at the web)

    I don’t like this Pope, but in this speech, he’s questioning if, for muslins, is so absurd to use violence in god’s name as it is for Christians. The citation is used to show that for Christians is clearer than water that god and violence don’t match together (although in the past that was not quite transparent for a significant part of Christian elites… crusades, inquisition,..)
    Does that same separation between god and violence happen with Muslims?
    Is it fair to judge Muslim believers for use of violence in the same way Christians aply to themselfs?

    These kind of questions are only posed by those who want to understand (soo I think.. and, yeah, he implies that Christians view is better – obviously! – It’s his view! – What’s so offensive about that?)

    Clearly, this shows to me, that a quite influential part of the Muslim elites want to dramatize pope’s speech! And that’s a thing for moderate Muslims take into account!

  2. quranbible said

    My friend you did not read carefully that I very harshly criticize the Sunnis and Shias the two main factions of Islam. My criticism was more rude than that Pope. Pope included that quote intentionally knowingly that this will cause furry among these ignorant Sunnis and Shias with demonstrations. They should have challenged Pope to prove that quote from within Qur’an and the history. Pope is an idiot who is thinking of the same uneducated approach of my god is better than your god and my religion is the only true religion. This does not goes very well with the high spiritual positing he is holding. Pope now can’t say that he was wrong because he is the royal high holiness who Catholics believe is infallible.
    I talked about the stupidity of these Sunnis and Shias who are following all the conjecture in the name of religion which is imported from Old Testament and New Testament instead of following the true commands of God.

  3. European Leftish and Baptized disbeliaver said

    You are right! – I didn’t understand your view from my first reading.
    (I’m not able.. but my first line, on the comment should be removed.)

    I do like the irony behind al jazeera’s animated cartoon about pope.

    Moderate Muslims must invest strongly on the condemnation of violence in the name of God.

    I regret listening more echoes from the Muslim world criticizing pope’s speech and danish cartoons than condemning violence on innocent people in the name of God.

    As an example; the Turkish parliament’s ready and fierce position is strange to me. As european leftish (baptized disbeliever) I’ve acquired strong doubts about Turkey’s integration in Europe.

    I think pope’s speech and danish cartoon’s critics should always remark their positions criticizing the violence on innocent people – always!
    Because verbal and illustrated violence is, by far, much better than «iron+fire+blood» violence (on innocent people).

    Again you are right! – I didn’t understand your view from my first reading.
    (please disregard my first line, on my first comment.) Thanks

  4. quranbible said

    Thank you for your honest true comments. I really don’t like censorship. I will post any comments which no matter how strongly disagree with my views as long as they are decent with no foul language.

  5. Should the Pope have learned to shut up?

    Should the Pope have exercised his right to remain silent?

  6. quranbible said

    Pope with all his holiness and knowledge if don’t know that the Jews and Muslims are worshiing the same God and Christians refer to same God as Father. I believe other religions too have differenct concept of God. The intelligent approach is let the people follow their religious beliefs without someone telling them that their religion is inferior.

  7. Anonymous said

    These violence will never stop. I am a Muslim and I am strongly believe in peace is the only way for world peace. I don’t believe in the “War on Terror” or the things Osama bin Laden does. I ask Bush and Laden to do one favor: Sit down in a quite area, close your eyes and just think about what you’re doing.

  8. me said






  9. QB said

    You retarded YAH, really don’t have time to watch hate mongering videos. Keep living in ignorance.

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