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Hugo Chavez strikes again!!!

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

20051104chavezmardelplatacontracumbre.jpgHugo Chavez speaking at Harlem Church call Bush “a sickman full of complexes unqualified to be President” who is an ex alcoholic and is incapable of making right decisions.

“Sometimes the devil takes the form of people,” Chavez told hundreds of supporters in a church in Harlem. He called the war in Iraq criminal and said Bush is a “sick man.”

The Venezuelan has said he did not prepare a script for his speech to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, but rather went in with ideas and spoke spontaneously, as is his custom.

Chavez described himself Thursday as a friend of the American people, and announced Venezuela would boost sales of discounted heating oil to poor Americans. But, he insisted, “we’re enemies of imperialism” — his shorthand for the Bush administration.

In his speech Thursday, Chavez repeated his warning that his country would halt oil shipments if the U.S. tries to oust him. He added that he would like to see a U.S. president “who you could talk with.”

Some people who turned out to hear Chavez speak said they share the views behind his message, even if they might choose different words.

“He likes to set fires, to do good or just to get people riled up,” said Natalia Munoz, a 25-year-old public health coordinator who attended a speech. “He gets a lot of people thinking.”

Hugo Chavez also promised to supply the oil to low income families on subsidized rates for heating purposes. Hugo Chavez in Arab countries and Middle East is admirable and very loved person and Bush can’t have this even if US spend billions of dollars campaign to promote his image.


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