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Bush talk with Wolf Blitzer.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

Bush was very inconforable as usual in front of camera, actually last night he was nervous with very funny stupid expressions on his face. Bush get some confidence when it came to his favorite topics Iraq, Iran, terrorism and war on terror. Bush is only comfortable when he is surrounded by this advisers and Cabinet and he loses all this confidence when sitting in for one on one interviews because he really don’t have the intelligence nor knowledge to speak freely on any subject other then his own favorite.

Bush did not say anything new interesting or intelligent he repeated what he is saying from last five years. Bush is only a tough talking guy from Texas with no real policies to achieve peace in the world. Bush still believe that US is winning in Iraq and Afghanistan and he had same tough words of Ahmedinejad who really paying no attention and look very calm and confident.

Michael Ware CNN Correspondent in Iraq reported on Paula Zahn from Baghdad who is in Iraq since 2001. Michael “I mean, the fact that, when President Bush talks about those living on the ground, and he cites General Casey and Ambassador Khalilzad, I mean, these are men who could not be more divorced from the Iraqi reality. They very much live within a bubble, be it physically within the Green Zone or be it within the bubble of heavy U.S. protection.

And this is true even for their advisers and for the commanders and the American soldiers. I mean, they never take the uniform off. The Iraqi people can never talk to them unless through a filter.

It’s very different than living amongst them. And when people say not enough good news stories are being told, you ask an Iraqi family what it is that they’re experiencing when their street — the bodies of their neighbors are showing up on their streets. Their kids can’t go to school, for fear of crossing sectarian lines. And the kidnapping and killings are just going on around them. ”

Micheal report is the truth from the ground and these are the fact which Bush administration don’t want to accept they try to put all sorts of spins to hide the truth from common Americans who believe they are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is what Bill Clinton said on Iraq talking with Larry King. Bill Clinton intelligent charming who can speak for hours on any subject. Bill Clinton was replying to Larry’s question that Cheney said he would go to Iraq again knowing what we know today.

“Of course he would. No, I never was in favor of doing it before the U.N. inspectors finished. I had a totally different take on this. Because they didn’t — because the evidence has made clear now that he and the other proponents of the Iraq war did not care whether he had weapons of mass destruction, did not care whether he was involved with 9/11, did not care whether the evidence showed any of this or not, that they had made their mind up in advance that this was the thing to do, that it would help to make a new Middle East, it would strengthen America’s leverage against Iran; it would, you know, shake up the authoritarian regimes and increase our leverage to create peace between the Israelis and the Pakistanis — Palestinians.

And I think they thought it might clean their own skirts a little, since most of what Saddam did that was really terrible he did when he had the full support of the Republican administration of the ’80s, of which Dick Cheney was a part.

Now to be fair to them, it was an example of the old adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. After the Ayatollah took over in Iran and events began to go the way they did in Iran, the fact that Iraq was a willing counterweight was seen as a positive thing until he invaded Kuwait.

But much of what he did in using chemical weapons and killing innocent civilians and all the terrible things he did in the 1980s he did it without a peep of criticism from some of the same people that have prosecuted this war. So for whatever reason, they wanted to do this. And I think they would do it again because that’s what they thought, what they should do with their mandate.

But I — my personal belief is — I had a different take. I didn’t like Saddam. It’s fine with me to get rid of him. It’s fine to try to start a new future. But I thought that we should not invade unless he flocked (ph) the U.N. inspections because I wanted to keep more troops in Afghanistan to make sure it worked and to intensify the hunt for bin Laden, and Dr. al-Zawahiri.

But we are where we are. We got to try and make it work now. And I think — I still, I believe that the Middle East would be better off if it did work; that is, if they could find some way to have self- governance, keep the country together in some form or fashion, even if they have more regional autonomy, and stop killing one another and stop killing us.

I mean, I just think it would be — there needs to be before we make up our mind exactly what we’re going to do in Iraq, there needs to be, as Tom Friedman of “The New York Times” said, a real big push, one last push to try to get them make a decision about their political future, which would then mobilize the Iraqis in their own defense. It finally happened in Anbar, yesterday, you know, 25 of the tribal leaders said “We don’t want the foreign jihadists and we’re going to try to kick them out ourselves.” That’s the kind of thing we need more of.”


2 Responses to “Bush talk with Wolf Blitzer.”

  1. HANS said

    you are really right in what you said

  2. QB said

    You must be Hans Blix. Thank you for agreeing with me.

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