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Bill Clinton did not supported Pope comments.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

Bill Clinton was on Larry King last night on CNN. Bill Clinton was very impressive with flowing answers on all the subjects Larry asked him. Larry asked Bill Clinton regarding Pope’s comments on Islam.

Bill Clinton replied with diplomacy because he is very intelligent person and an excellent diplomat who do not wanted to alienate the Catholics voters in US and all around the world. Bill Clinton has the unique style of talking where he disagree with his opponents without getting them to feel like they were insulted and that still make him the most likable President of USA in recent history.

CLINTON: Well, first I think we ought to take him at his word, that he’s sorry if it was interpreted that way. I think he really was trying to say what a lot of serious people believe, that the religious aspect of Islam has always had a political and military component.

But I think it was unfortunate, as he said, because right now there are all these moderates, both moderate Muslim clerics, the kind of people that gathered around King Abdullah in Jordan not so long ago to say that Islam is not a bloodthirsty religion, Islam does not condone terror and the killing of innocents.

There are all these people trying to reclaim their religion from those who have a very selective reading and teaching of the Koran’s verses about aggression, military aggression. They basically teach, in my view, a distorted view of what is in the Koran and what Islam stands for.

And we — every time one of us, particularly someone as august as the pope says something like that, we make the task of the moderates in the Muslim world more difficult. That is, these people that are asking young people to strap on bombs or carry liquid explosives on planes or whatever and, you know, engage in murder in God’s name are really asking them to practice politics.

The leaders of all these groups are not strapping on the bombs and blowing themselves up. They’re trying to talk some kid into doing it. In order to do it, you have to believe two things, normally. You have to believe, number one, you get a free ticket to heaven; and number two that the people you’re striking are profoundly evil, are subhuman. But behind all that, it’s not about religion at all.

It’s a political deal, but there have been sects of Islam that have trained and treated and educated people who were living in poverty, had legitimate grievances, to believe that their faith legitimizes killing non-combatants, including completely innocent civilians.

So we made the task of all those moderates harder, we make it harder, with things like the Danish cartoons or the pope’s comments. He did issue an apology, and I think we ought to go on.

I also think that we need moderate Muslims to say look, in the West, people insult each other and their faiths and their politics and their persons all the time. Look what President Chavez just said about President Bush. You know, we — and we try to teach our children to get over it.

I mean, you’ve got kids. You know, one of the most important things you can teach a child is that not everything that happens to you will be nice. But you are in control of how you respond to everything that happens to you. You do not have to respond with violence or anger or hatred or bitterness or demeaning conduct and you cannot be diminished by what someone else says about you.

This is my response to Bill Clinton is that the Islam is hijacked by Sunnis and Shi’ites two main factions of Islam who unfortunately are in majority. All this violence is due to their lack of knowledge about the message of Qur’an. Sunnis and Shi’ites are very much like these Catholics who believe that hating each other belief is the best way to follow their faiths. These Sunnis and Shi’ites have another common thing which they share with Catholics and that is try to convert everyone to their own beliefs. I can say all this without any diplomacy because don’t fear to lose my vote bank. We have to work hard to change the mentality of Sunnis and Shi’ites as well as Catholics.


2 Responses to “Bill Clinton did not supported Pope comments.”

  1. jegen said

    Another leader who want to play safe. They know Islam is violence but they are scare. Why comment about Pope speech if you have a lot of proof from the Quran, the imams, Osama, CAIR, IOC, Ahmadenejab, in Iraq, Sudan, Pakisten etc that does’t condem violence in Islam name. They said ‘for self defence’ and agree with what they have done.

  2. quranbible said

    You are one more angry media propaganda brainwashed person. Calm down.

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