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Ahmadinejad interview on CNN.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

Anderson Cooper talked to Iranian President Ahmadinejad last night. Anderson really did not ask the intelligent questions, he chooses to ask questions for the American audience. Ahmadinejad was very calm and confident replied all the questions with smile. The general impression of Ahmedinejad is that he is intelligent person who has command on all the issues and the subjects.

Jim Walsh is an international security expert at MIT. “U.S. News & World Report” diplomatic correspondent is Tom Omestad. Both met with Iran’s president today. They were on Paula Zahn talking to Soleded O’Brian.

THOMAS OMESTAD, DIPLOMATIC CORRESPONDENT, “U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT”: Well, I mean, contrary to the widespread image that’s — we often see in various Western media, I mean, he comes off as a rather calm, I would say even serene, figure. So, it’s a big jarring, compared to the popular image that — that we have been led to expect. You know, he seems to have command of his material. He talks a different sort of language than — than most Western politicians would normally talk, frequent references to religion, obviously, in particular Islam. But he moves across a variety of issues quite — quite easily.

Following is the reply to Soledad O’Brian question that general impression of Ahmadinejad is that he is crazy.


I think there’s a tendency in the U.S., when we have a leader we don’t like of another country, or a leader we don’t understand, we say, well, he’s crazy. And that’s a mistake.

If you like him, Ahmadinejad, you don’t like Ahmadinejad, you have still got to know who you’re dealing with. And, in this case, I think Tom is right. He came off as poised, relaxed, spoke for two hours. We had two hours with him. He’s not a policy wonk. He’s not a Bill Clinton. He talked in general themes.

But he’s — I saw no evidence to suggest that he’s crazy at all. And I think we need to treat him seriously, if we’re going to make any progress or avoid problems in the future.

O’BRIEN: Tom, was it a two-hour lecture? Was it two hours of Q&A? Was it a little bit of both? Or do you feel like he had good command of his material, he had a convincing argument?

OMESTAD: Well, he said from the outset he was looking forward to a dialogue, but, naturally, most of us are more interested in hearing from them than — hearing from him than — than we are speaking ourselves.

So, I mean, it had the — it had the form of sort of a group interview. He did have command of his material. And I thought that he moved about very smoothly. I mean, he tended to offer very lengthy answers to questions that seemed to interest him. So, you know, I would say that it was — for those expecting some sort of crazy Iranian president, he didn’t deliver that image.

WALSH: Well, we talked about Israel. We talked about Iraq. We talked about Afghanistan. I asked him about the nuclear issue and Israel.

But I — I think it’s fair to say, Soledad, this wasn’t about policy. It was really more general things that he — he admires the American people. He wants to have better relations with the U.S. He believes in dialogue. It was those sorts of things that filled most of the conversation.

And what’s important here, I think, is not only what he may have said or didn’t say, but the fact that he was having this meeting. He — this is so different from his first visit to the U.N., which I think most people would say was not successful, maybe even a disaster.

In this case, he’s trying to engage Americans. It may be part P.R., but it may also be symbolic communication, sort of a hint to American officials that Iran may be more ready to talk than they have been in the past. Source CNN Paula Zahn

Do you want to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Anderson Cooper first question.

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I’m surprised why American politicians are so sensitive and biased with — with regards to Israel. What is — is there a relationship, to speak with such prejudice?

Everyone is prevented about questioning the regime. Whenever a question is raised, some American politicians react very strongly to it, whereas we know there’s a lot being said about many countries around the world.

Lebanon was bombarded. In Ghana, people were killed with laser bombs. But it doesn’t seem to have created concern among American politicians as much. But when somebody questions or criticizes the Zionist regime, there’s so much reaction. Could you tell me why this is the case?

I would think it would be a good question to ask from American politicians, the extent of the prejudice we — we see with them about Israel, given the massacres committed by Israel, killing people in their own homes. Should they not be subject to criticism? Should nobody complain and raise objections about the violations of rights and the murders that they commit? Are they free to do such acts?

Should they not act within the framework of any law?

COOPER: To — to some in America, though, that is going to sound like you’re not answering the question. I mean, the — the question really is — is, do you believe Israel has a right to exist?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I say that it is an occupying regime.

We say we must — you must allow the Palestinian nation to decide for itself what its fate should be. There are five million displaced Palestinians, four million who live under the threat of bombardments, or actual bombardments and attacks.

So, let Palestinian people decide for themselves. We support the vote of the people. And whatever the result is, we must all accept. Why should there be objection to this proposal, or — or, so to say, with the vote of the people to indicate their will? Do — don’t the people in Palestine have the right to live? Are they not human beings? They live in their own homeland. In their own homeland, they are under attack.
COOPER: The same statement could be said of — of Jewish people in Israel, that they’re living in what they say is their homeland. Don’t they have a right to exist?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Yes, in Palestine, there were a group of Jews that live. But where did they come afterwards, the larger groups that came to Palestine?

We know what the trend was. A group of people came from other places to that land. Where does the father of Mr. Olmert come from, for example? Some of the ministers in Israel are, in fact, of Iranian origin, with no background, historical background, in Palestine. But they’re there, ruling.

COOPER: So, you’re saying, really, they don’t belong there; they should go somewhere else?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I am saying, let the Palestinian people decide. The Palestinian people should decide what to do.

And among Palestinians, there are Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Our question is, what about the rights of the Palestinian people? They lived there, and they were displaced and forced to leave their own homeland, under the threat of a gun, and, regretfully, with the support of the American government.

What is happening to the Palestinians? Do they not have the right? Shouldn’t we be thinking about that? Their young people are being killed on the streets. Homes are being destroyed over their heads, even in Gaza, even in the West Bank.

After all, they are human beings, too. They have the life — the right to life and to live in their own homeland. Others have come from far and beyond, and are now there ruling there and governing that land.

Why did they go there? They should return to where they came from. Or, even if they don’t, they should at least allow the Palestinian nation to decide about that and the future.

So, what I’m saying is quite clear. We want peace to be established there. We care for the Jews who live under pressure there as well, because they, too, are living outside their own homes, from where they belong, their homeland, actually. That is not their homeland.

COOPER: You have repeatedly implied that the Holocaust never happened. And it certainly seems to be the — and implied that more research needs to be done on whether or not it did happen.

I mean, the argument could be made that the genocide was perhaps the most well-documented genocide of the 20th century. Do you really believe that the Holocaust never happened?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): If this event happened, where did it happen? The where is the main question. And it was not in Palestine. Why is the Holocaust used as a pretext to occupy the Palestinian lands?

COOPER: But do you understand why it’s deeply offensive to people…


AHMADINEJAD (through translator): That subject, how is it connected to the occupying regime in Jerusalem?

COOPER: You do realize, though, why it would be deeply offensive to so many people that you use — that you even say “if it ever happened”?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Well, you don’t speak here for all Americans. In the past two or three days, I have met with many members of the media and the press here, some who are even related to the U.S. government. But the questions are the same across the board.

COOPER: Why — why can’t you believe there was a Holocaust and support Palestinians?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): No, that’s not a reason at all.

The subject of the Holocaust is a different subject. I raised two or three questions that were very clear about it. I said that, in World War II, 60 million people lost their lives. They were killed. Two million of them were non-civilians, so to say, military. The rest were civilian populations.

And they all lost their lives. Their lives were all cared for and respected. But why is it that we concentrate so much on the lives of a — a group of — among the 60 million?

The second question is, assuming that this happened, why don’t they allow more research and studies to be done about it? If it is a truth that happened, then we — we will need more clarity about it. And they are — must be impartial groups, or whoever who is interested should be able to do the research. Why is that prevented?

COOPER: President Bush, at the U.N. spoke — tried to speak directly to the Iranian people yesterday. And he said…

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Did you get the answer you wanted about the Holocaust?

COOPER: No, I didn’t, but I know my time is limited.

Ahmadinejad made his what he thinks about Israel and the Palestinian conflict and he has the right to disagree with the US point of view without getting attacked by the Western Media and the US government who are portraying him as war crazy dangerous mad man of Middle East just like they did to Saddam Hussein.

Anderson Cooper rest of the interview was related to Iran is trying to develop Nuclear Weapons in secrecy. Ahmadinejad made it very clear that Iran do not have any desire to develop Nuclear Weapons and their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes.

CNN which played the major role in Iraq invasion by promoting fear and false propaganda is doing this again with Iran. The IAEA blasted US intelligence report. CNN is again playing in the hands of Bush administration by spreading false fear among common Americans to lay ground for another Bush war.

IAEA Blasted US intelligence Report.

Ahmadinejad also question Anderson Cooper regarding US Nuclear Weapons development. Ahmadinejad was very impressive.


14 Responses to “Ahmadinejad interview on CNN.”

  1. lisa said

    What he realy is saying is that he will not aknowlage the holocaust and the Jewish suffering , till the west aknowlage the suffering and the Illigal occupation of the Palestinians.Period.

  2. quranbible said

    I agree with your intelligent analysis of Ahmadinejad interview. Thank you Lisa.

  3. HANS said

    hi lisa
    I think your comparison is not correct .
    please go through his opinion once more

  4. Mary said

    No, Your right Ahmadinejad seemed calm. Heres what the bible says about him.
    1) A wolf in sheeps clothing
    2) Test the spirits to see if they are from God those that deny that Jesus Christ died in the flesh(islam) is the spirit of the antichrist
    3) Those that bless Israel will be blessed those that curse Israel(no holocaust) will be cursed.

  5. Mary said

    You cant be that uninformed can you
    ReaD J Vernon MCGee Thru the bible and
    wake up please before its too late

  6. Mary said


    Palestinians are suffering because of arabs not Jews.Read TIME IMMEMORIAL
    Arabs blame everyone for their problems they are always wining Its always somebody elses fault never theirs Wake UP

  7. Mary said

    And one more thing that land is theres
    Abraham Isaac and jacob covenant with God Read your bible those people have been trying to get that land since then the time of Abraham

  8. Mary said

    The bible also says in Ezekiel that Russia and Persia Or Iran would join forces Bingo what do you see Russia and Iran It time to recollect your thoughts and Russia is sending submarines to Chavez in Venezuela
    with Nukes and guess whose behind that your friend Ahmadinejad and they will use them here in less than a year Arabs bought up all of our stock and dumped before the next election
    We are in serious trouble isalm will be here soon Wake up America this no fear mongering its the truth As a person whose has dealt with Arabs for twenty years They are all smoke and mirrors Bush had to tell Israel not to bomb Iran because Arabs now own America

  9. Mary said

    Im so happy I do not fall for atab smoke and mirrors, God saw through all this .and he gave us his true word the BIBLE Im thankful for the bible everyday God is so good and Im and not decieved like the sheep out there

  10. Mary said

    And my last comment is how could America have Ahmadinejad speak here
    in this country Its the lowest of the lowest its Anti American Ahmadinejad is a creep he gives me the chills Im terrified of him Hes weird

  11. Mary said

    Let me tell you something the Jews will exist The Jews have always survived the against these people These people have alwys since Abrahams day tried to take the jews out but they cant they are Gods people thats it

  12. Mary said

    God said it and I beleive it

  13. Truth said

    Man all of you need to really study history what I see is a president standing up for a country that can’t defend themselves. Like the man said move those so called jonny come lately jews to the country were they suffered. But you know what it is just like the high power of the shadow goverment of america who have been stealing people,land, and resources and instigate wars so they can act like they are peace makers solving problems while they cowboy jack that countries resources, and yea I said so called jews because they are not the children of Isreal and that is not the promised land “America is Isreal”. That over there is just a distraction to keep people looking over there the real jews of the bible are Black if you study and research the word semite (desendents from shem of the bible they were black). The jews that went through the holocaust and I greive their pain and mourn their losses I really do. They are the jews that jesus called out in the bible and told them they are like an olive branch that sheds no fruit (on the dollar you have a hateful bird with an olive branch in its claw). The truth is the black’s in america or the modern day children of isreal that’s why you have the star of david on the top of the eagle. It makes me sick to my stomach to here you give compasion and the millions of dollars to a people that suffered from the hands of germany for six years when you have a people that suffered six hundred years, and lost more on the trans atlantic voyage here stolen from their land rape of everything and all we get is an apology.
    Oh yea the real reason america wants to mess with Iran is because when Iran stop using our US dollar to sell oil two years ago it drove our dollar to crap its all about the oil to but the problem is Iran have to many countries backing them so america has to instagate her way in like she alway’s do they alway’s did it like that she’s a pro since her first stolen goods the Blacks from Africa this country alway’s wants to fight and war with someone she needs to ATONE for her crimes not one soul of this country can call anybody a terroist all the blood of my ancestors that’s on this soil But guess what their is a higher power that will make her repent you can’t handcuff lighting throw thunder in jail arrest rain and hurricane’s she’s under devine judgement from the All Mighty God
    P.S for the lady that said that the jews will live on yes your right the real ones will.
    Huh America is the modern egypt and theirs a mighty pharoh that is going through the plagues of the historic egypt of the bible right now as we speak Babylon (baby london) has fallen.

  14. ziaullah niazi said

    There are many problems in the world…
    I am saying to american people, Please open ur eyes, and think about every problems in the world,open minded. You’ll see one think, America have a link in each single problem,in this world, even more than that, if tomorrow there could be a problem in Moon,Mars or in our solar sistem,america is the first who have problem. dose it means something to you?!
    U have more than 2400 atom bomb,even second and third generatinor nuclear weapons.And may be forth generation also. If u haven’t it yet,u r working on that ,and u’ll get it son or later. U have more than thousands balastic misiles,chimical,biological weapons,may be psichotron weapon also ,who knows?!
    So why ru worry about Iran? The smal country over seas,which located 20 000 Km (twenty thousand kilometers) far from America.
    America’s defence budget reached more than 400 billion,its at least hundred time more than Iran military budget.
    Just try to remember,wars America had done in last 40 years,Vietnam,Korea,Libia,Sudan,cold war with USSR,Iraq,Afghanistan and many more…Why fighting to much?!
    Soon may be next war on Iran,North Korea,Venzuela,Siria,lebanon,Pakistan or may be Russia, who knows?!
    Hitler start killing Jews when?! Can anyone tell me the exactly date ,or month,at least year?
    Jusr have a look on History, Stalin requested US and England many times,to start war against Germans and open another front in west in 1941,1942,1943, but each time Churchill and Roosevelt regected him,to join the war against Hitler. Finally hapend the biggest damage on german military machine in Stallingrad, by the Red Army. And everyone knew,soon finish for Hitler, and just that time,they got hurry to start war. Becouse USSR could capture all countrys ,which was occupied by Nazists and Musulini regime…
    Now who can tell me,who’s responsible for Jews ,if they were jenocide in 2 WW?
    If u can tell me the exact date,when holocoust was started. if u dont know the exact date,month,year. So please tell me,who’s reponsible for Jews had been killed after 1941,when Stallin requested Churchil and Roosevelt to raise against Hitler,to save Evrope and humanity?!
    And who’s responsbile for jenocide west indian people?! Do u feel ashamed after killing each single native american and occupied theyr homeland?! Not!
    All generaton Jews should be respected now and for unlimited future,becouse they were killed 70 years ago. But Indian people should not be respected,becouse they had red skin?! or may be becouse they were killed long time ago….?!And the “jenocide” is a modern literature word,so it dosnt match with that period of history………………

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