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UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 20, 2006

Following are view quotes from the speeches.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said that until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and gives Palestinians their rights, the cycle of violence will continue in the region and its effects will be felt throughout the world.

“I come before you today with a deep sense of urgency,” Abdullah told the assembly. “Never has it been more important for the world community to act decisively for peace in my region.”

Pakistan’s President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, a staunch U.S. ally who spoke shortly after Bush, urged the world to confront the plague of terrorism head-on and end conflicts in the Islamic world to eliminate the “desperation and injustice” that breed extremism.

“Unless we end foreign occupation and suppression of Muslim peoples,” he said, “terrorism and extremism will continue to find recruits among alienated Muslims in various parts of the world,” he said, and the top priority should be ending “the tragedy of Palestine.”

As speaker after speaker expressed concern about the rise of terrorism in the world, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, warned that military spending was not the answer.

He said that more than $200 billion had been added to global military spending since the Sept. 11 attacks five years ago.

“There is not a single indicator that suggests that this colossal increase is making the world more secure and human rights more widely enjoyed,” he said. “On the contrary, we feel more and more vulnerable and fragile.”

I am trying to find the full transcripts of these speeches and can’t find them.


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