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UN General Assembly. US showdown with Iran.

Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

President Bush is New York to make the case at the United Nations for tough steps to stop Iran’s nuclear program. But the president has no plans to speak directly with Iran’s president at the U.N. and if diplomacy fails Mr. Bush has made clear the military option is on the table. War with Iran may seem unthinkable, but at the Pentagon there are people whose job it is plan for the unthinkable. Wolf Blitzer

Pentagon sources tell CNN that all of the planning for possible military action in Iran comes under the heading of prudent and routine planning — nothing more. Jamie Mcintyre CNN Pentagon correspondent.

Imagine a Middle East within Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations. Bush.

According to Jammie Mcintyre the military option includes bombing of Iran nuclear facilities and missiles, using the latest bunker-busting munitions in an air assault lasting several nights and dropping thousands of bombs. The potential targets, more than two dozen nuclear facilities spread across Iran, some secret, some deep underground and some in populated areas that would have to be hit multiple times. This has also been reported that some of the nuclear facilities are in heavily civilian populated areas.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner (Ret.) on told Wolf Blitzer that military operation is already underway in Iran. We’re conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming from both the Iranians, Americans, and congressional sources. I’ve talked to Iranians. I asked an Iranian ambassador to the IAEA. What’s this I hear about Americans being there? He said to me well, we’ve captured some people who work with them. We’ve confirmed that they’re there.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner (Ret.) further said. The House committee of emerging threats tried to have a hearing some weeks ago, in which they asked the Department of State and Defense to come and answer this question because it’s serious enough to be answered without congressional approval. And they didn’t come to the hearing. There are sources that I talked to on the Hill who believe that’s true and it’s being done without congressional oversight.

IAEA reported that Iranins are enriching 3.6% grade uranium and 90% enrichment of uranium is required to use for nuclear weapons development. Israel is pushing US to take action against Iran as they only have only few months to act otherwise it will be too late which is a complete lie according to IAEA reports. The same lies and propaganda is used which was used against Iraq to scare Americans and the whole world to take military action against Iran. Bush administration if did not get the desired results in UN Security Council they will again try to make UN irrelevant weak organization which is standing between US security and you know what vast majority of American will believe it to be true and we might see another bloody destructive war this time with Iran. The war will spread in the whole Middle East Israel included.


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