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Kofi Annan warns of civil war in Iraq.

Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned that there is a “grave danger” of breakdown of the Iraqi State and “potentiality” of civil war.

Iraqi society today, he says, stands at a critical juncture and important crossroads. If the Iraqis and their leaders are able to build firm foundations for the common interest of all Iraqis, the promise of peace and prosperity will be within reach.

“However, if current patterns of discord and violence prevail for much longer, there is a grave danger of a breakdown of the Iraqi State,” he writes.

Bush administration will reject Kofi Annan statements and as usual Republicans come out very strongly at him trying to prove that he is biased liar and his sympathies are with the terrorists and UN is irrelevant.
Gen. John Abizaid actually confirmed all what Kofi Annan is saying by carefully analyzing his statements. Gen. John Abizaid was talking to Wolf Blitzer of CNN in situation room and he speak about Iraq, Afghanistan and preemptive strike on Iran nuclear facilities.

According to Gen. Abizaid the situation is not so good with 142,000 American troops in Iraq and they have difficulty in controlling the violence which breaks out in Baghdad. Gen. Abizaid reply to Wolf question about the number of American troops in Iraq which he replied with diplomacy that he believe they have enough soldiers for the mission and people who want more troops actually want Americans to do all the work. It is Iraqis job to take more responsibilities of security which according to him now 300,000.

Gen. Abizaid avioded to answer Wolf question of Al Anbar province which US military lost control by saying that this war has to be won politically and militarily. Gen. Abiziad said they have not given up on Al Anbar province but their priority is Baghdad.

Gen. Abizaid is confirming that US military in deep trouble in Iraq. US military will bring some peace and stability for the time being and that when Iraqi will start a new front somewhere else to move the huge military from Baghdad to start their violence and this is never ending process.


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